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thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,991Community champion Disability Gamechanger
edited April 2019 in Finances and extra costs

Hello every one.  Had a Email from my bank.  On my bank statement on line.

Says the following shopping banking on line is changing.  Banks are due to take extra steps to confirm this you logging on your account.

Includes text to your mobile using a password.  They will call . Also can use your landline.

They add you can download an app or use Google play.

As a gentleman not good with anything like that apps and all that.

Whether this includes on line purchases. I am not too sure. I will find out.

I assume it might include that. Every time make a on line purchase speak to the bank through a text and a password.

Confirm everything.

I know I sometimes get notified by the bank if they think unusual movement on my debit card

Have sometimes rang me. Easier and more reassurance

Understand and tell them been buying from certain on line retailers..

I recall TESCO first time and Amazon.

Does any body know anything else.?

I do think this will help combat fraud.  Even with all the security we all have.

Worth looking at that . Every one just be safe and secure.

Thank you .



  • vikingqueenvikingqueen Posts: 97Member Pioneering
    [email protected]
    i tried to purchase something online last week not realising i was logged into my other half's account, the payment was stopped straight away and i got a text asking me to confirm i was indeed trying to use my card, the bank was very quick to pick up on it.
    just a reminder to anyone not to give out any personal details online, it could be anyone!!
  • Antonia_ScopeAntonia_Scope Posts: 1,783Member Pioneering
    Hi @thespiceman thank you for sharing this with us. This sounds good, haven't heard anything from my bank yet. But will definitely look into it.
  • ThreesticksThreesticks Posts: 128Member Pioneering
    My Banks been operating this system for sometime. I like it, because it keeps your account safer than others Bank who don't use it.  
    If you fight, you won't always win. But if you don't fight you will always always lose.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,991Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    edited April 2019

    Hello @vikingqueen thanks for reply.   Thanks for sharing.  That is good to hear that the bank picked that up.

    I did not intend to alarm any one.

    I get the WHICH magazine and recent insights that we all bank on line.

    The security they have is good some are not.  Some are terrible. We expect to be safe on line into a secure environment. Yet we think what if all the time.

    Gave a listing of the online security of all financial institutions. Banks, building societies.  Makes very interesting but anxious reading.

    I know we have to be careful.  It made me realise that what ever I do on line always be aware.

    I think what is important is to always deal with companies that you know have https in their web address.

    Be aware of emails that are suspicious like in your trash or spam. Do not log on. Key in.

    Had one time on line had a call from my broadband provider . Was not them.

    Another thing I do is to have all my calls screened most companies offer this. This you can identify who this is before you answer.

    Very useful. 

    Very useful for the annoying fair-weather friends who constantly harass you for the listening ear or I need to you to listen.

    When they do not listen to you.

    Two hours one time.

    I am a Christian charitable but sometimes we have to say no. Good way of saying no with out speaking.

    Other thing meant to say .

    As a community champion the amount of posts we get where that happens. Mobiles and Emails.  Also much more.

    We stress all the time to our community.  Please do not put personal details on line .

    Wish you well.

    Keep safe and secure.

    Take care.


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