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esa problem

Hi im new to this but i have a question id like to ask...2 years ago i started to claim esa i was put into the work group which i appealed and heard nothing after 5 months I contacted esa and a small  form was sent out which i filled out I was told i wouldnt need another medical, I waited another 4 months and still heard nothing by this time my anxiety was really bad I was also my mothers carer, But i due to my anxiety and depression I wasnt much use to my mum My sister said now she had retired she could take over carers So i canceled my carers and informed esa about my decision, I used to get £64 carers allowance and £41 esa paid fortnightly £82 the carers was paid weekly... On monday the 25th march i received my last payment of carers and on tuesday the 26th march i received 2 weeks esa £82 The following week i had nothing, other than one week of my esa at £41 They didnt start making up the difference with my carers untill tues 16th april which i received £211 for 2 weeks.. I rang esa and was on the phone over an hour trying to explain that the week when i last got my esa i was only paid £82 for 2 weeks but one of those weeks i didnt get my carers because i canceled, So id lived off £41 (half of my £82 esa) and got in dept with rent and council tax ect Ive never had any extras or over payment so why for the first week in april have i been expected to live off £41..The lady i spoke to wouldnt budge on their decision and said it was esa paid in front or something like that, I told her that hardly helps me ..Does anyone know if she told me right? Am i supposed to manage with one weeks esa with carers deducted although that week i didnt get carers? Thankyou..


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 14,951Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    edited April 24

    When did you first claim ESA was it before or after April 2017? and are you claiming as a single person or a couple?
  • wendiiiwendiii Posts: 4Member Listener
    Hi I made my claim in november 2017 And i claim as a single person..
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 14,951Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    ESA is paid 2 weeks in arrears. Carers allowance is paid 1 week in advance when you receive your carers allowance weekly.

    I realise there was a gap when you didn't receive your carers allowance because it stopped but then you received £211 from ESA on 16th April, which is more than you should receive every fortnight. It seems like ESA paid you what they owed you in this payment.

    As your claim for ESA didn't start until November 2017 then your ESA is £73.10 per week (£146.20 very fortnight) , you don't receive any extra money for being in the work related group. As you now don't receive carers allowance you will be approximately £36 per week worse off but your ESA payments will now return to normal.

    My calculations are that DWP are correct, you're not owed any more money i'm afraid.
  • wendiiiwendiii Posts: 4Member Listener
    Thanks Poppy, Its just i received a letter from esa saying from the 3rd April 2019 My claim for employment and support allowance will be £109.10 each week less a deduction of £3.70 for council tax So the amount i will get each week is £105.40 from the 3rd of april..That's according to the letter from them last week... Im just so confused..
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 14,951Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    I'm also very confused why your weekly amount is that high to be honest. That's not WRAG amount because your claim started After April 2017. That amount isn't Support Group either because Support Group pays more than that each week. Does it give a break down of exactly what the payments are for? Usually it will give a step by step break down.
  • wendiiiwendiii Posts: 4Member Listener
    Hi... No i went to look after i replied to you..It tells me nothing really..And to be honest im at my wits end..When i first applied for esa i thought with the right help id be feeling better this far down the line But from start to finish Ive been told to do the wrong things When ive complained im told the individuals have been spoken too and deny telling me to do what i did and apparently the wrong thing I said i expected them to deny it Why dont they check the taped phone call they have the date and time the call took place..I appealed at the beginning because i didnt score enough points at my medical And i was shocked to say the least  when i read the lady from Atos that did my medical asked me Why i rocked I told her i dont realise im doing it my family tell me constantly about it I just thought it was perhaps a comfort thing.And when i read her notes She actually said quote''She dosnt rock and when a person rocks  its a clear sign of anxiety, and i had no idea my rocking was a symptom  I gave up trusting them after a lie so damned obvious, I won the appeal but had no idea i had because they failed to tell me untill 4 months later when i rang them and asked.Telling them id worried myself into the ground about this and they hadnt even bothered to let me know.I appealed again to be put into the support group I was seeing Doctors at the mental health And also been to the hospital for xrays on my foot and was told i have arthritis in my foot as well as other places..I was assured i wouldnt have to go through another medical but i was sent a short form and gave permission to contact my doctor, It was over 5 months later i had heard nothing My nerves were shot at i couldnt sleep my hair fell out i cry constantly, My grandaughter got intouch and i have to say im sure i was lost in the system My grandaughter was told they would be intouch, I started struggling to care for mum and going to spend the day with her was my sanctuary I felt safe in the home i grew up in, But made things worse by sitting crying all the time worrying irrationally about my esa appeal, My sister has just retired so said she would continue with mums care..    At that time i had another breakdown and told esa i couldnt go through with the appeal It was destroying me  I wanted help i had depression and anxiety but i so a future I assumed id pull myself up again with the right help..Yet i feel worse than i have ever felt in my life My claim for esa being a large reason for this..                   Im certainly not surprised my letter with no breakdown or clear text telling me what was going on and what to expect...Infact if the letter had been clear and understandable i would have been more surprised than i am..                                                   Regardless of the above Thankyou Poppy for bothering to help and explain...
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