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Powerchair - what do you drive and why?

LaughingLollyLaughingLolly Posts: 88Member Pioneering
I've been through about ten second hand chairs last year and a few ads ons. I currently rely on my NHS manual script with Amber wheels, an report for nipping about and a fox as !y main powerchair. Does anyone else have experience with the Fox? What things do you like it struggle with? Do you have a favourite chair you settled on and why? If love to hear about peoples relationships with their chairs and how your choice affects especially enhances your life please? 
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  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Posts: 5,837Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @LaughingLolly and thank you for sharing this. I think the relationship we have with our mobility aid can have a significant impact on our lives! I never have had a power chair but my manual chair did have a bit of a love hate relationship! I guess it was part of a process of coming to terms with the fact I needed to use one. What has been your favourite chair so far?
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  • Connie00Connie00 Posts: 240Member, Community champion Pioneering

    Hello @laughinglolly

    My Name is Connie00 :)

    I am one off the community Champion’s here at Scope.  

     it’s really nice to meet you.

    I hope you are having a good day today?

    I have a Sirocco powerchair, this has given me independence, and my life back.

    I have a mobility car so the wheelchair just drives straight in. I hated the fact that somebody had to push me around I am no light weight, so if we came to a slight incline, I felt so uncomfortable that I almost didn’t want to go out anymore.  My relationship with the chair is quite good its two years old now, brought from new.

    Enjoy the rest of your day :)




  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Posts: 5,837Administrator Scope community team
    How are you getting on with this @LaughingLolly? :)
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  • LaughingLollyLaughingLolly Posts: 88Member Pioneering
    Well. I would have enjoyed more response but that's just how it is 
    A laugh a day keeps the psychiatrist at bay. 
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Posts: 5,837Administrator Scope community team
    I understand that! I'll see what I can do :)
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  • RhonaRhona Posts: 13Member Courageous
    I have had a number of second hand powerchairs over the years. The MS has left my left hand side too weak for a manual as I can only push myself round in circles in those and I hate making others push me. I was lucky enough to get a Sunrise Medical Samba second hand. The rising and tilting functions gave me lots of independence and it was good to drive. Unfortunately it was written off after an accident but I've now got a Q700M from the same makers. With help I've managed to buy it new and I appreciate having a chair made to my measurements for the first time ever. 
  • GeorgiaVineGeorgiaVine Posts: 14Member Connected
    Hi @LaughingLolly
    I've had a few powered chairs too, however the ones that I've had have all been big, weigh a lot and not been that outdoor friendly, with my first electric chair not even having a kerb climber on it. At the time this suited me and did what I needed it to do as I was only using my powered chair indoors but as I've got older I want to use it more and go out more to gain independence. So, I have previously bought a Pride Igo which is a lot lighter than any other powered chairs I've had. I'm taking this chair with me on my summer holiday abroad of which is a completely new experience as I always take my manual and I'll admit even though I'm happy to be gaining independence I'm also slightly terrified! I have got more confident with using an electric chair over the years as this past year I've had to get  more confident to get around the university campus, but it is a lot more nerve racking than I thought. I completely understand I wish I could just go down the road and pop the the shops in my chair alone but I'm scared. I'm hoping that taking it on holiday will improve my confidence and I do plan on trying to use my electric chair more over the summer. I hope this helps!  :blush:
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  • UrsabellaUrsabella Posts: 6Member Connected
    Hi, I was issued with a manual wheelchair by wheelchair services here in Norfolk where I live, and it was good that it it was easily dismantled for getting into my Suzuki Swift.
    I didn't like relying on someone else to move me around and being left in one spot in the shop for example felt just awful, as I don't have enough energy to self propel.
    After some research, I settled on the Foldalite Trekker, which is the most robust of the series. It folds up and fits in the back of my small car, with one seat free.
    I find it very comfortable to ride in and have found it excellent for shopping trips etc. I am planning to take it with me on a trip to India in November. My wheelchair will travel free.
    The only drawback is that it is too heavy for me to lift, but I am blessed with a lovely friend who is strong and likes driving.
    I also now have a light mobility scooter which dismantles and easily fits into the car. The components are far lighter than the wheelchair. (Li-Tech Air)
    I still prefer my powerchair though, as I have quite complex problems, and in the chair my arms are more relaxed than in the scooter.
    Both of my mobility aids were bought from CareCo.
    I am fortunate enough to have working legs, although I am not able to walk far.
  • pollyanna1052pollyanna1052 Posts: 1,313Member Disability Gamechanger
    Hi, my current powerchair is a script one from Wheelchair Services. I`ve had it about a year. It is a mid wheel drive Quickie Salsa. It`s nippy and good at turning in small spaces. I am getting a new back support for it soon as it`s original one offers very little support. I had the solid tyres swapped for pneumatic ones, due to spinal pain.

    I would recommend it. But wish it had a feature my previous chair had ie a kerb climber.....it was great for getting into shops which have a low door threshold. I cant climb anything higher than about an inch now.

    I use my chair from between 3  and 9 hours a day. I have a good pressure care seat cushion, but get a sore bum most days. A wheelchair therapist told me there isn't a chair or cushion which can be sat in all day without some discomfort.
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