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Reasonable Adjustment Refused by Architects Registration Board, A Corporation

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To the Architects Registration Board regarding students with disabilities.

I have genetic schizophrenia which would make it impossible for me to complete the 2 years PEDR and part 3 examination needed to qualify as an architect. 

As there is no cure for schizophrenia I am looking for a reasonable adjustment under the Equality Act 2010 to add my site evidenced qualifications as a fully qualified city and guilds CITB NVQ Level 3 carpenter and Level 2 bricklayer, (2 separate 3 year qualifications gained concurrently whilst in full time employment in the construction industry) to my MArch RIBA Part 2 qualification, and give exemption from PEDR and RIBA Part 3. 

As my condition is a severe mental impairment and disability, I think that it would be a reasonable adjustment for an organization of your size to recognize the value of these qualifications and experience and to open a class and disability bridge in the architectural profession.

Before 1938 architects were able to use their title from an array of class, disability and academic divides. From bricklayers, to surveyors to artists. Arguably it was corruption that led to the protection of the title that was only offered to wealthy artisans. 

Qualification would allow me to work in the profession on my own terms and bring us both in line with the spirit of Equality legislation.

Thanks for reading, documents attached for your perusal.

Best Regards, ?????????? MArch, CITB Level 3.

PS, could it be a reasonable adjustment under the Equality Act to grant the title of “aegrotat architect” for registration purposes? As my brother who also has genetic schizophrenia got an aegrotat degree in computer science a long time ago, before the Equality Act 2010.


We have received your email. We look to respond to all email queries within 5 working days or sooner, and to have assessed applications for registration within 15 working days.

If you have applied for Registration with EEA qualifications, please note that we will process your application under the existing rules provided that your application was received before the day the UK exits the European Union. 

If you have requested a certificate of registration, please allow 7 working days for this to be processed.

If your query is urgent, please call us on

Kind regards

The ARB Team

Dear ?????????

Thank you for your email.

We are looking into this and will be back in touch as soon as we can.

Best regards

Ok thanks very much

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Dear ?????????

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you.

Whilst ARB sets the minimum standards required for those coming on to the Register, each institution will set its own entry requirements. Universities also offer support for students through Student Services and will make reasonable adjustments where possible.

It is not clear from your email, whether this is something you have pursued with the school in relation to your Part 3 course? Can I ask if you have asked for reasonable adjustments to be made, and if so what the outcome was? 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Hi ?????????

Because of my symptoms I am sometimes and often housebound which makes it impossible for me to complete the PEDR as it is not designed for people with my disability. If I was registered I could practice from home and build experience. There is no structure in place that would allow me to work under an architect for an equivalent of 2 years allowing me to take the part 3. I need to be at home and close to my cmht and support structure. There is no part 3 course near to my home, no architect that would make the reasonable adjustment for PEDR in my area. I believe I am being excluded from registration due to a system of registration that is designed for an able, white middle class European descent elite. (That comes from the RIBA Equality statement) From the qualifications and experience that I have submitted I believe that I at least equal a part 3 student or European architect with only 5 years university training.

Reasonable adjustments were made for part 2, but the courses are designed for people with “designer” minds, attributes, characteristics and an able stereotype. As a result I had to do an extra years work which I do not believe is in the spirit of the Equality Act.

I believe it is in your organizations power to correct these inequalities.

After working on and off in the construction industry hands on under architects designs I believe i am well versed enough in the discipline to be registered.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Best regards

Ps, you didn’t state in your email if you are considering my other qualifications and experience?

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I was just wondering, is the ARB going to make the reasonable adjustments I requested or not?

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Dear ?????????

Thank you for your email and for bearing with us whilst we have duly considered your situation.

Whilst I sympathise, it is important to appreciate that as a statutory body ARB is obliged to act within the confines of the law. There is little, if any, flexibility that can be applied when delivering the requirements of the Architects Act 1997.

You will of course be aware of the provisions of the Equality Act 2010. The Equality Act imposes certain obligations on bodies to make reasonable adjustments to provisions, criterion or practices so that disabled people are not put to a substantial disadvantage. 

From your latest email it appears to me that you are not asking that reasonable adjustments  be made to how you achieve a Part 3 qualification, but that you are made exempt from such a qualification. The Part 3 qualification would be described by the Equality Act as a competence standard, which is an ‘academic, medical or other standard applied for the purposes of determining whether or not a person has a particular level of competence or ability.’ I have to advise that competence standards are not subject to the reasonable adjustments obligation. 

This means that while reasonable adjustments must be offered as to how you can access your Part 3, as a competency standard the requirement of having a Part 3 in order to access the Register of Architects cannot be waived. I would strongly advise  you to contact the most appropriate institution to at least discuss whether reasonable adjustments might be made to your needs so as to allow you to access the qualification.

I am sorry this is not the outcome you desired but I do hope you are successful in your attempts to attain Part 3 by obtaining a prescribed qualification.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if there is any further information you require.

Kind regards

Ok thanks ???????? but the requirement for part 3 has been waived in the past for people with distinguished achievements and European architects without part 3 (waived). Therefore you are treating me less favorably than others under the Equality Act which is an offence.

Many thanks for your time on this, I may need your help again in future if that is ok?


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