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Finding a job when you're visually impaired

Maxo_Maxo_ Posts: 5Member Listener
Help and advice please, I currently feel useless, I can't find a job suitable to me anywhere. I have looked on every job site I know and half of the jobs require a drivers license and the rest are for graduates, front of house (which I have problems communicating due to a lisp) or are just too far away. I have just come out of a 3 year unable to work sick note, and living on £250 a month because the PIP DWP department deems me able to work because i "look well nourished" (yes that was an actual comment made on the form.

Where do I go from here, I am completely lost and it is affecting my mental health, i just want to be out there doing something not stuck in my house watching the world go by,

Thanks for reading, 

Max, 23, West Sussex


  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Posts: 3,259Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @Maxo_, I'm really sorry you have been unable to find work. What kind of work are you interested in doing?

    It might be worth looking at the Support to Work programme. It is an online and telephone service which can work with you to try and find work.

    Please do let me know if I can do anything else to help :)
    Online Community Officer
  • Maxo_Maxo_ Posts: 5Member Listener
    Hey! thank you for your reply, I'd love to work in a kennel or cattery as that's what I know best. Funnily enough, I have just received a reply from a Kennel local to me that asked for my CV! I am very excited and hope it leads to something. Thank you for the link I will have a look at that, and I appreciate the help!

    Thank you!
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Posts: 3,259Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @Maxo_, this sounds like a great job! I know I'd love to do something like that!!! Oh I really hope the place local to you is able to offer you work. Please do let us know :)
    Online Community Officer
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