Mental health issues
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Anxiety about travelling

SystemSystem Posts: 458 Scope community team
edited July 2019 in Mental health issues
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  • xxameeraxxxxameeraxx Member Posts: 14 Listener
    Hi all i suffer bad anxiety and panic attacks and they kick in when i go to unfamiliar places.. due to my health conditions i think what if i have a funny turn whilst away in a strange place. 
    I was suppose to go away for a break for a few days next week and as always the panic starts any tips please would mean alot i want to look forward to having a break and be excited but i dont feel like that x
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Administrator Posts: 6,533 Scope community team
    Hi @xxameeraxx. I'm sorry to read this, but myself and others will definitely be able to relate.
    I'm not really sure what to suggest, but have you ever tried any of the anxiety-related resources on MIND, or No Panic or Anxiety Care?

    How are you feeling at the moment about the trip?
    Senior Community Partner
  • xxameeraxxxxameeraxx Member Posts: 14 Listener
    I went away for 3 days to chipping in preston panicked when realised no phone signal has was in forest what thought was cottage was studio when got dark anxiety kicked in stayed up till got light 9am had a walk up moor but got to much with my spinal and nerve pain went bk and slept .. kept thinking nearest shop 10 miles hospital 12 miles if had funny turn so this started me off.. day was leaving was up 7am wanted start driving home anxiety and depression sure has a big impact ..
  • glitterygutsxglitterygutsx Member Posts: 23 Courageous
    I get like this too. I find it helps if you can try not to travel alone. If you have to travel alone, having games and music apps on your phone really helps. I also find that taking things with you that make you feel relaxed such as a blankie, hot water bottle, ipad or laptop and then medications and spare medication incase theres more pain or sickness than usual. 
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Administrator Posts: 6,533 Scope community team
    It sounds really rough @xxameeraxx. Did you travel alone?
    glitterygutsx's suggestions are really good. I always bring more with me than I'll ever need, but knowing I've got something for almost every eventuality really helps.
    Senior Community Partner
  • xxameeraxxxxameeraxx Member Posts: 14 Listener
    No travelled with partner was hard i just get so grumpy with my anxiety just want to feel normal had to ring crisis team yesterday has was low they was no good wouldnt see me as wasnt suicidal... comr bk from break to mushrooms growing in my living room i sent pics to landlord now he wants me out been here 5 years paid rent he said last week will do all repairs if i pay 200 pound more on rent environmental health been called 4 years no over flat in bad repair so stressed x
  • xxameeraxxxxameeraxx Member Posts: 14 Listener
  • xxameeraxxxxameeraxx Member Posts: 14 Listener
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Administrator Posts: 6,533 Scope community team
    Have you called Environmental Health quite recently @xxameeraxx? Shelter has some information about environmental complaints if you need it.
    Senior Community Partner
  • xxameeraxxxxameeraxx Member Posts: 14 Listener
    I have been in touch with shelter.enviromental health
    5 day wait for a officer to get back had throw sofa out and people are coming to rip carpets up as scoliosis of spine nothing going right 
  • mossycowmossycow Community champion Posts: 486 Pioneering
    Hiya @xxameeraxx

    Ypive got so much going on no wonder you're needing a break and stressed to heck. 

    In terms of anxiety about your trip. Have you a great relationship with your partner? It's so hard to put trust in anyone even the most loving partner I think. Have you talked through all your plans? Including like... What you would do in different scenarios? And planning ahead?

    Your anxiety and pain sings tru for me. We were talking about maybe going on a trip last night and I realise how scary it is going away with chronic conditions. 

    Personally... I would /do:

    Get as much info as possible one where you are going you now have WISDOM from the things that went wrong last time... Like check there is phone signal, WiFi,... I have two portable chargers to make sure I always have communication. 

    Get shopping before you go if you worry about shops etc. 

    Make sure you have spare medication and partner knows exactly what you need. 

    Take everything you can to make life nicer... For me that's medication, heat packs, certain smells make me more comfy (fave moisturiser). 

    Podcasts that are funny and/or calming.

    Be careful about alcohol, caffeine etc cos it's tempting on holiday but they will muck about with pain and mood. 

    Have a travel list. I used to have panic attacks and was just frozen to the spot when packing so I couldn't think. I now have Los of lists on my phone and starting packing way ahead so it feels less massive. 

    Methods for calming down. If you haven't already get help with this and use the techniques. 

    Medication - I use beta blockers (as discussed with my GP). They take away the physical symptoms of anxiety and allow me to recover very quickly. They have changed my life. 

    Make lists of what you are looking forward to about your break... 

    Share all of this with your partner so you don't have to start explaining loads. Stuff when you're feeling bad. 

    Have you some nice plans? 

    "I'm trying to live like a random poem I read that ended 'to bloom where we are planted"

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