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thespicemanthespiceman Disability GamechangerPosts: 4,770Community champion Disability Gamechanger
edited July 16 in Mental health issues
Hello every one need to share.  The morning that is over. Never had this for a long time.

Everything that has gone wrong or just been annoying has done so this morning.

I am sure we have all been there.

Up early relaxed and answered any messages on here from my friends.  Done the prayers and my exercises ready to take on the day. Then the problems started.

Got a faulty cold tap.  No cold water. Had to fill bath with hot water no cold again repairs service at fault . Why does it take so long to do a job.

Called Housing Association to be met with Mr Jobs worth I am here to irate you and annoy  have a sense of hostility here.  Not good waiting for 14 days for repairs standard response met with a firm stern rebuke from me.

Hate this why so long never answered last complaint.  In private homes I rented asked for repairs all done with in 24 to 48 hours or around that time not too long.  Have only washed my hair with water too hot for shampoo.

Used jug to cool down bath with cold water from the sink which resulted in me having pools of water on the lino floor . Which meant me wiping with towels and slippery floor and me getting angry with that.

Got annoyed come off the phone with that .  The sense of why can you not help me just for once the most I got was this guy who was irritating.

Then proceeded to have a breakfast. Could not get the top of the milk even with a kitchen towel wet.  Or use a tea towel then it burst and another spillage.

Trying to calm down but now riled thought have to do some deep breathing here.  Realised got another call to make for appointment need to cancel because of Repairs people are supposed to arrive some time next week when mystery a Mr Jobsworth told me any time.

Will leave a message on the phone thought better cancel.

Now Miss Jobsworth who insisting if I cancel appointment will boot me off the list for treatment. Explained the problem the repairs people might call. Then told her about the taxi availability non existent and problems getting times and some firms booked up.

Ring now give you a date.  And also time then ring back right I added with much anxiety and stress. Guess what could not get through to the taxi firms have on my phone list texted one.

Replied back.  Told another call handler. The date and time not on my list that date. I am not getting anxious and annoyed was told she would previous call handler reserve that one.

Jobsworth lady no two and one obviously not in communication here. Told her my details umpteenth time again.

Taxi texted back a long time waiting to confirm date and everything.

Explaining in a stressed voice can not get out here to appointments need every one to understand that the phone went dead.

But here we go again.

After a if I can try to be calm breakfast. On line and on my list another thing to do.

Music is on and helping the situation.

My county council told me they would help with my refuse assistance collections. I find out some one has put no on the form and it has been refused.

Yet they told me would help with my bins even after I had replied no one has told me ever why not.?

Another annoying form and website to reapply again then I filled out the wrong form and not what I want. 

All I want is some one to help me and yet it seems so many times been refused .

I am always trying to help myself . Yet encounter so many of these obstacles mainly these jobsworth people.

Now calm if I can be and looking forward to a I hope stress free afternoon.

Tennis helps.  As in Tennis the term balls to you to these people.  Got Chicken Soup tonight calming and relaxing just to make this afternoon done the poaching part . Part one Part two later.

Hope no one suffers like I do.  Love to share and hear your stories.

Take care.



  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Scope community team Posts: 3,381Administrator Scope community team
    Sounds like your morning's been a bit of a nightmare @thespiceman. I hope this afternoon picks up for you.
    I think you mentioned having issues with repairs a couple of months ago. Sorry to hear you're still having problems with them. It's very frustrating having to rely on someone else to provide you with essentials, especially when you're clearly not a priority to them.

    Senior Online Community Officer
  • Deb_ScopeDeb_Scope Scope community team Posts: 192Administrator Scope community team
    Oh @Spiceman what a morning you have had!

    It is so frustrating when you do so much to support and help yourself, and when you need assistance you come across the "jobworths".  Sorry you are feeling so frustrated and I hope that your chicken soup will be calming, and please tell me you have added some spices? :)

    Take care of yourself
    Online Community Manager
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope community team Posts: 4,522Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @thespiceman, that certainly does not sound like an easy morning! I hope your afternoon (and the tennis) has picked up. You're doing a great job of trying to organise the situation and hopefully the pieces will fall into place as it cannot be easy with the water - I know I too would just spill it!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend and please do take care :)
    Online Community Officer
  • thespicemanthespiceman Disability Gamechanger Posts: 4,770Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Adrian_Scope   @Deb_Scope @Chloe_Scope ;

    Thank you all for kind words and support.  I know when I wrote the post just needed a place to vent.

    Life is so annoying and irritating when certain people can not first be sympathetic to any one on the phone. Just listen what is being told to you.

    Second stop arguing and being critical and disruptive be helpful and supportive.

    At least the SCOPE staff I can rely on who are not any thing like that. Always a place to call on for help, advice, guidance and some support.

    Also the forum a way I can discuss with the community any thing that bothers me.

    I am sure not alone with any of this.  Know being on my own does not help but if I have any issues or problems.

    Can reach out here.

    Yes my Chicken Soup calming added in some Chilli flakes to help the anxiety.

    Forgot the Parsley though will chop that up and add to days portion.

    Better second day. Had chance to mingle the flavours.

    Tennis was amazing lot of that helps the stress. Watching Nadal and Federer .  How do they do all of that ?

    Get tired watching.

    Hope all of you have a lovely weekend.

    Thanks very much.

  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Scope community team Posts: 3,381Administrator Scope community team
    I always wondered why some food tastes better the next day, thanks for the explanation @thespiceman. Hope yesterday was better for you?
    Senior Online Community Officer
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope community team Posts: 4,522Administrator Scope community team
    Morning @thespiceman, you certainly are not alone and I'm glad the chicken soup helped, how was it with the parsley? 
    Online Community Officer
  • thespicemanthespiceman Disability Gamechanger Posts: 4,770Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Chloe_Scope   Thank you for always kind words.  How are you doing today?

    Great I have my soup and well it is something I eat regularly.

    Cross between soup and a Ragu sort thing you can microwave a portion. With a sandwich to accompany the meal.

    Make a lot of varied ones. With Summer Veggies hopefully put some more on. Many are based on Italian Soups but are cheap and cheerful.

    Make them chunky some of them and use the freezer veggies available if I need to.

    Parsley often buy it fresh use a food processor dice up and put in to ice cube trays with water.  When solid into zip bags.

    You can do this with any herb that is fresh.

    Thanks again for support.

    Takes care.

  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope community team Posts: 4,522Administrator Scope community team
    No problem at all @thespiceman!! I am doing well thank you, enjoying this warmer weather! That's such a good idea with the herbs and your soups sound amazing!
    Online Community Officer
  • thespicemanthespiceman Disability Gamechanger Posts: 4,770Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Adrian_Scope   Thanks for asking.  Doing the best I can.  Today.

    Got a few annoyances with some of the issues I have.  One being local councils.

    Problem is found out now have told me no assistance with my bin. Have on numerous times applied. Yet constantly refused. Yes I have a disability, have mental health issues. Struggle with bins full painful.

    Lifting boxes and anything like that.

    Given them medical evidence lost that. Add to that telephoned them cut off.

    All done on line.  No telephone contact no numbers. Filled out forms get emails but no response as then the problems are.

    Yet told by two gentlemen from the refuse dept.  Are you said my address one such morning here to do your bins.

    Leave them alone. Have not emptied them since.

    No now and guess what are full.   Well if some one told you do not touch we will do  bins you would leave it.

    What I am going to have to do put some dirty clothes on and empty them . Have to then  drag the empty bins to the road.

    Carry all bags and recycling.  If I can bit by bit to a empty bin and refill it.

    Including boxes of glass.  Which I have to empty first the empty box.

    Refill that.

    Question now is why is the council not assisting myself.  If they offer this service. Lets wait and see.

    I am in the right live on my own.  Need some support . Not a simple thing to ask is it.

    Thanks for listening.

    Take care.


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