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Social workers approval needed for a wet room?

JohnEmileJohnEmile Posts: 3Member Listener
Hello, Name's John and actually contacting here is a big step for me, need some advice on where to look/read.
A little about me:
Just coming to my weekly attendence by Psych nurses being downgraded to a lower lvl, not sure about this.
Have major mobility problems, Constant dizziness, moving too quick and I black out, Mri's coming up for that.
Extremley swollen lower legs, on water retetion tablets atm and x rays next month.
This bit really distresses me, Because of the mobility issues I can not use the bath or shower, so I have to sit on a stool in front of the sink and bathe myself with 3 face flannels etc. It gets the worst off, but within an hour or so I know I pong.
Social services are aware since early last year and I have been approved a social worker by phone test-thing, but so far...nothing.
My Housing people are ready for approval to fit a wetroom style something, but need the social workers approval, anything I can do about this?
Also Depression, anxiety, insomnia etc, the list goes on.

Again Hello.


  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 1,183Member Pioneering

    Call the social worker. Ask for her permission. Have you applied for a DFG or not? I would look into that if the social worker can not help you. 
  • JohnEmileJohnEmile Posts: 3Member Listener
    I am approved but still on waiting list to actually get one atm.
    The DFG lead to something I did not know, I will phone them later, Thank you.
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Posts: 3,328Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @JohnEmile, how are you getting on with this?
    Online Community Officer
  • JohnEmileJohnEmile Posts: 3Member Listener
    edited August 18
    Phoned them up, and was then told it was cancelled, panicked for a day or so , then was rang up and told it was a mistake, they were supposed to phone me, nothing yet, might phone on monday.

    Had new psychiatrist, who after a quick visit told me I was being downgraded and because I'm doing so well, no visits at all, apart from her at three or four month sort of checks.

    I am worried about this, my only visitor that I know is my sister, that due to her health cannot drive over most of the time, I think last time was april/may, apart from that all I had was my nurses, who were brilliant btw!

    I have no friends here, no visitors and now it's a vow of silence time again I think this Lady DR., might be a bit wrong.

    Contacting MHA again tomorrow, we will see, Till then it's just me and my cat
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