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Cycling 4 all?

Cycling4AllCycling4All Posts: 1Member Listener

At Cycling4All, our all-ability cycling sessions give people with disabilities the opportunity to ride a wide array of adapted trikes, we cater for people with various difficulties and disabilities, who might not have the balance or strength to ride a normal bicycle.

Would cycling help you improve your health and mobility and/or insure your physical rehabilitation?

Would finding a new group of friends and spending time doing an actively with them benefit you?

Let us know your thoughts  :) 


  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 1,625Member Disability Gamechanger
    Cycling is a good way to keep fit. How much are your cycles? Would they work for a small disabled boy of 2? He is a paraplegic with virtually no leg function at all. His lesion level is at the top of his spine. He uses a wheelchair to get around and has braces too. 
  • newbornnewborn Posts: 289Member Pioneering
    Hi. Your scheme is a single local one in your park. It seems an excellent plan.  The whole  country should have similar  schemes. 

    The whole country should have hydrotherapy pools  and publicly funded exercise facilities  specifically for the needy,  most frail and most disabled, before a penny of public money goes to subsidise athletes or entertainment for the perfectly fit, adult or child, who can instead take up  any one of a hundred alternative means of exercise.

    I get  cross with the zealots airily declaring everyone  must go for a half hour brisk daily  walk, and everyone  should abandon transport in favour of cycling, and everyone must take up sport or dancing.   Really????  With a zimmer frame????   It is insulting and unlawful discrimination to dismiss the  existence of large  (''protected")sections of the population. 

    You are a gem. Can you point to something stable, electrically aided or fully powered?  What about those with hip or knee injuries meaning perhaps  one leg could perform a full circle for the pedal,  but the other one, equally  in need of exercise,  could only provide  a  part circle?  Do any of your users overcome the difficulty that damaged knees are  going to be damaged  more, and put into pain,  if they are made to do very much work  (especially if cold, and even despite being strapped up in binding)? 
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