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What can help manage fatigue?

SystemSystem Posts: 413 Scope community team
edited August 9 in Disabled people
This discussion was created from comments split from: Fibromyalgia and diet.


  • Colourfull500Colourfull500 Posts: 10Member Listener
    I also have Fibromyalgia I hate it I am having trouble getting sat up from a laid down position why and I also have great fatigue everyday I hate it.......... 
    Is their anything you can have for fatigue it's relentless. 


  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Posts: 5,841Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @Colourfull500, are you after fatigue management advice in general, or specific to diet?
    Online Community Officer
  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 2,465Member - under moderation Disability Gamechanger
    I also have Fibromyalgia I hate it I am having trouble getting sat up from a laid down position why and I also have great fatigue everyday I hate it.......... 
    Is their anything you can have for fatigue it's relentless. 


    What sort of fatigue tips do you want? General advice or specific?
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,349Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Colourfull500   The questions of fatigue is often and can be related to stress, anxiety or a number of underlying problems or issues.

    Including sleep and certain medications.  Please may I add illness or other issues.

     If  this is causing you some problems then you need to speak to your GP.

    One also has to look at your diet the nutrition you are getting from your food.

    Lots of sugary stuff refined biscuits, cakes and sweets can be a problem. Also caffeine in Coffee or Tea or Colas.  No alcohol.

    Eating a balanced healthy diet that gives you energy and sustains you through the day.

    I eat foods that give me energy this I would advise and suggest to have in your diet . Usually recommended.  

    Meat that is lean, dark leafy vegetables including Kale or Spinach.

    Fish and Eggs and Dairy foods. These all include Vitamin b12 which does help.

    Beans and pulses, Pasta and Nuts all useful to very much boost energy.

    Also other foods such as Fruit, Whole meal bread and sunflower seeds.

    Please also having long periods between meals can be an issue causing fatigue.  Look at eating fruit or eating snacks that are healthy . For example a quick snack I use is . Peanut Butter Sandwich on whole meal bread with a glass of milk and an Apple.

    One other is Cornflakes not Crunchy nut but ordinary Cornflakes add with Whole milk and boost energy with Apples or Pears or this time of year Strawberries 

    Another one good tip is to have a good breakfast.  Make sure it is included as I suggested In the list I have added, anything like Eggs with Whole meal bread and Beans.

    Or use Porridge Oats boosted with Fruit such as Apples or Pears or use frozen Berries Use Whole milk or Almond Milk.  Or use wholegrains Muesli with Nuts and Seeds boost that with any of the above.

    Top with Cinnamon a sprinkle or Honey just a drizzle.

    If you think you are having some problems eating or consuming anything listed due to allergies or other issues.

    Then I would speak to your GP as I have advised earlier might need to be investigated.

    I have a lot of food knowledge and know that this helps me. You might have to consult a Nutritionist.

    Hope that helps.

    Take care.

  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Posts: 7,732Administrator Scope community team
    Senior online community officer
  • OpusOpus Posts: 47Member - under moderation Courageous

    Thats all great...providing ones body can process the nutrients correctly..from said foods!

    Ive eaten the cleanest diets .I tend to lean towards very Mediterranean cuisine(i have Spanish ancestry)  maybe an old gene thing going on there 😄...Then...even then,i have issues...although for me personally..I have to go as low as i can with the carbs.....that DOES make a difference...but never stops the fatigue,wipe out feeling but helps with the inflammation to a degree and the ibs...thought never totally..

    It should be obvious that what we do will either have a beneficial effect or not.

    You seem to like foods/cooking?

    Do you like Marco Pierre White at all?
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,349Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    edited August 9
    Hello @Opus   Thank you for reply.  There can be problems with some people who are susceptible to certain foods.

    I know this and only give suggestions.

    There are medical reasons behind a lot of the ways that some people have problems eating specific foods.

    Often due to the conditions IBS.   Maybe Lactose Intolerance.  Colitis or Crohns.

    Others a range of illness or other conditions.   

    I understand that have a lot of compassion, time and also if I can be very supportive.

    To those members of our community have a lot of issues.

    I myself having a long term health issues with addiction had stomach problems.

    One time on five lots of medicine and much more. I am clean now but have mental health so using looking at some alternatives see what happens.

    I knew had to be alternatives to look at.  Good research and a lot of fascination with Oriental and Indian sub continent Medicine.

    I do look to my own health needs and like the Mediterranean diet and food and the peoples.

    Which I eat a lot. Cucina Provera, my interpretation of that. 

    Have a knowledge I do often add to the forum only ideas and suggestions. My recipes many are adapted to suit my disability. So use them to if I can pass on to the community.

    Got qualifications on advice from Support team.  Who thought could help myself learning to look at eating healthy.

    I thought I was.  Unfortunately not doing it right so have learnt do to this the right way.

    Which may I advise speak to your local wellbeing unit your community health unit.

    Looks at everything diet and nutrition got a lot of them to thank for.

    Through them learnt a lot.

    Please can I also advise that are a lot of science behind why some people their diets work others do not.

    All to do with metabolic rate the work of Doctor Ian Marber The Food Doctor who is a coeliac.  The true cost of energy and the relationship between energy and  the brain.

    Worth having a look on his various articles webpages. 

    Yes I do like any chef who has talents, skills and attributes who we as people can learn from it is not all about shouting in the kitchen.

    Have favourites all the Italians of course.  Gennaro Contaldo, Giorgio Lochcettelli, among others.  In America Giada DeLaurentis', Guido Fieri   

    Including Theo Randell and Jamie Oliver many others not Italian but very much do cook Italian.

    What is happening now the cooking programmes. Saturday Kitchen is one become stale and the food something too complex.

    We can all cook we have the talents and skills it how this is done.

    Education and listening is the key.  Any one I believe needs to listen if you listen. You learn your will be amazed what could and can happen.

    You can cheat have tips tricks and shortcuts.  I do all the time make fabulous food with my disability and some days struggle to stand and cut  dice but have a range of gadgets and plans, schemes to organise myself.

    Having had volunteered myself many times in Kitchens usually charities or organisations who has a lunchtime for their members.

    Even one time my proudest achievement was for a charity.  Did a dinner. There was ten of us doing 150 covers.

    That was an eye opener to know how these Restaurants work and the Brigade..

    Like Spanish love the way they do many of their recipes great ideas.

    Hope that answers any of your questions.  Happy to help and please get in touch .

    Take care.


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