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SDP and Work

ashes19ashes19 Posts: 2Member Listener
edited September 9 in Universal Credit

I’ve just been notified that I’m receiving £120 extra per month in relation to my lost SDP when I moved to Universal Credit in August 2018.

I’m currently thinking of starting some part time work (under 16 hours) but I cannot find any information about the UC SDP in relation to employment. Would I lose the extra £120 per month if I started work? I’m currently on UC LCWRA and PIP standard daily living, enhanced mobility.

Thanks in advance for any help


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 12,678Community champion Disability Gamechanger

    No because it doesn't work like that. As you have LCW then you'll receive a work allowance, how much you receive will depend on circumstances. If you receive the housing element with UC then your work allowance will be £287 per month. If you don't receive the housing element then your work allowance will be £503 per month. This means that you'll be able to earn that amount of money before you start to receive any deductions in your UC payment. Anything more than that then you'll receive a 63% reduction in your UC payments.

    Also do be aware that if the work you do contradicts the reasons you're claiming LCWRA then this could go against you when you're next re-assessed and it could also prompt an early re-assessment.
  • ashes19ashes19 Posts: 2Member Listener
    Thanks for the sound advice Poppy, I really appreciate it.

    Works sounds like too much of a gamble in terms of my benefits when I’m not even sure I’m capable of it. I’ve had 2 unsuccessful periods of employment within the past 18 months. The first job I lasted a day, the second job 5 weeks. I had to resign on both occasions due to a relapse of my mental health symptoms. The rest of the past 10 years I’ve been unemployed due to mental illness.

    On a positive note, it’s great news re the SDP, the £1440 back pay will allow me to transform my new flat into a home!

    Best wishes
  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Posts: 2,669Member Pioneering

    I'm really pleased about your SDP and the back pay. Just to stay that you have had excellent advice from Poppy. The work won't affect your new SDP payment at all.

    However, it's always a risk carrying out work when you have LCWRA status and/or you get PIP/DLA. That's because you can usually be reassessed for these benefits whenever the DWP feel like it and if they think your work undermines the reasons you've got LCWRA and/or DLA/PIP then they might call you for reassessment, which as you know is really stressful anyway.

    On the plus side you can work and keep your LCWRA status as long as there is no change in that LCWRA decision; your earnings affect your UC in the way Poppy has described.

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