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ESA3 form!!

I have just recieved an ESA3(IBR) form.I have only just got over the stress of my PIP i got my award letter only last week.!!! I was only just thinking thank goodness no waiting for brown envelopes to drop on my door matt lol. Anyway I have been on contribution based ESA in the support group since 2015.

 My query... Is it worth even sending the form back, as i am not sure i will even have any income related ESA owed to me, because for the period they want the info for.....2015 until now, I  live with my partner and we both have private pensions,we have no savings though, and my partner worked part time until 2017 but he no longer does.I cant see them owing me anything and cant be botherd with it really.I am mentally worn out with it all.I am also worried they will take me off CBESA  too .I am so confused in what to do.Please advise.Thank you.


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 14,965Community champion Disability Gamechanger

    Your pensions will be classed as income £1 for £1 for the income related top up, so it's very unlikely that you will be owed any backdated money. If you don't think you're entitled to any income related top up then there's no need to fill in the form.

    Do DWP know about the pension? Pension of under £85 per week is ignored for CB ESA but any amount over this will reduce the amount of ESA you're entitled to. Even if it's less than £85 per week you should still inform DWP about it. Hope this helps.
  • jaktagjaktag Posts: 13Member Connected
    Thank you i didnt think there was any point in sending the forms back.My pension is disregarded as i was on IB for along time before i was transferd to IB and it was disregarded on IB.So they know all about my pension.
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 14,965Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Pensions of under £85 per week were always disregarded on IB and the same rules apply to CB ESA. Anything over that and your ESA is reduced by 50p for every £1 over that amount.
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