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Hi, my name is westonadam!

Here is some background on myself
For many years now i have suffered with chronic psoriasis about two years ago i developed psoriatic arthritis , and at this stage it affects 33 joints in my body including my lower spine, pelvis, elbows ,knees , ankles fingers and toes , I am working still but I am really finding it harder and harder to carry on , during the course of a working day I keep a track of my steps I do around 20,000 a day, my knees are getting so bad I am struggling to climb stairs , be good to hear from anyone in a similar situation , thanks  


  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,355Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    edited November 29
    Hello @westonadam   Pleased to meet you.
    Thank you for joining and sharing.
    I am one of the team of community champions.  We guide, advise and help members of our community.
    Please have a look around our website. Plenty of new friends and lots of information, support.
    I would also look at speaking to your employer about reasonable adjustments. All employers must have reasonable adjustments for those with disabilities.
    You could contact a welfare charity or speak to CAB.
    Please if I can help further please ask anything else.
    Please take care.

  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Posts: 4,497Administrator Scope community team
    Great to have you with us @westonadam. I hope you'll find lots of support here. Please don't hesitate to jump in! :smile:
    Senior Online Community Officer
  • chiariedschiarieds Posts: 723Member Pioneering
    Hi @westonadam - I hope you may have had a chance to have a look around this site. Here's a link about reasonable adjustments at work in case you haven't seen it: https://www.scope.org.uk/advice-and-support/reasonable-adjustments-at-work/

  • westonadamwestonadam Posts: 6Member Listener
    Thanks for the welcome guys and the comments , I have spoken to my employers who are very sympathetic to my situation , I am an estates manger for two PRU academies (for those of you who do not know PRU stands for pupil referral unit ) this means they have many problem and cannot fit into main stream school , I am the only person employed by these sites i have no help from any other person , my days consists of constant damage to the property , threats of violence and aggression, I am on my feet all day or travelling between the two sites , I cannot see a solution , they say there is not enough money in the budget to employ another person , I have an appointment with occupational health tomorrow , I think it may be time to call it a day .

  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 15,073Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome,

    I you'll receive some help from the Occupational health today. Please make sure that you don't just quit your job because if you do then you could be sanctioned by DWP. Please read the link above that @chairieds posted.

    The first step for you, if you can no longer work is to claim SSP for 28 weeks from your employer. See link. https://www.gov.uk/statutory-sick-pay If you're claiming working tax credits then this will continue for 28 weeks, while you claim SSP.

    Once your SSP has ended then you'll be able to claim New style ESA if you've paid enough NI Contributions in the previous 2 tax years from working.

    Whether you'll be entitled to Universal Credit will depend on your circumstances such as household income/savings and capital but your SSP will be deducted £1 for £1 from any UC entitlement. I'd advise you to get some advice from an agency near you before you claim UC.

  • westonadamwestonadam Posts: 6Member Listener
    thanks for the reply , the post you asked me to read I cannot seem to access, sorry when I said time to call it a day I meant time to start the ball rolling , I would never just quit, I have worked every day of my life since leaving school in  1981  so I would like to think I have paid enough NI , I took a nasty fall again down the stairs Friday night when my knees gave out again , I think this is why I have decided enough is enough , thanks again for your reply 
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 15,073Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hopefully you'll be given advice about reasonable adjustments in the workplace today when you attend the appointment. I tried the link above and it works for me. Try this link here about those adjustments. https://www.acas.org.uk/article/6074/Reasonable-adjustments-in-the-workplace

    It does sound like you'd qualify for New style ESA but as i advised SSP comes first for 28 weeks with a fit note from your GP.

    PIP is also a possibility but for this it will depend on how your conditions affect your ability to carry out daily activity based on the PIP descriptors. It's not about a diagnosis. Evidence will be needed to support your claim because they rarely contact anyone for this.

    People do claim this and work but it could go against you, depending on the reasons for your PIP claim. These links will help with some knowledge about PIP.

  • westonadamwestonadam Posts: 6Member Listener
    great  waited 4 months for occupational health appointment,  just had a call it has been cancelled  will have to be rescheduled 
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Posts: 4,497Administrator Scope community team
    Have they given you any indication of a timeframe for when it'll be rescheduled?
    Give ACAS a call and see if there's anything they can do to advise. It really sounds like you could benefit from some reasonable adjustments, but if you speak to ACAS first that might well help add a bit of weight to any contact you have with your employer.
    Senior Online Community Officer
  • westonadamwestonadam Posts: 6Member Listener
    The trust I work for are arranging for me to see our own Occupational health team , as it looks like it will be well into the new year before my other appointment can be rescheduled through the NHS  , my only concern is that  I am the only person doing my job of looking after the two sites, they say they do not have the resources to employ any body else , but I think that it would be better to have me working some of the time rather than none of the time if  I am off sick , so I hope they are able to make some adjustments 
  • westonadamwestonadam Posts: 6Member Listener
    but I will take some advise from ACAS before attending my meeting with OH
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Posts: 4,497Administrator Scope community team
    Let us know how you get on @westonadam.
    Senior Online Community Officer
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