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Christmas day fun & games

FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
My slow cooker Christmas Day dinner was a complete success, those things are absolutely amazing, and cant imagine how I've survived so long without one. 

Only one little problem...

The chestnuts take 60 seconds in the microwave. I've had them before, so all ok.

All not ok, as they must have changed the packaging. Popped them in the micro and the sparks started to fly. Opened the micro, and the packaging was actually on fire! Managed to blow the fire out, lucky I didnt walk away from the micro...

So the packaging was hot, but the chestnuts were cold - however, did not spoil a delicious Christmas dinner.

And the micro survived to warm me up a mince pie for dessert.

Merry Christmas!


  • thespicemanthespiceman Community champion Posts: 6,253 Disability Gamechanger
    edited December 2019
    Hello @Franstrahan      good to hear well done chef. lol  

    I know best with anything in a packet to remove then microwave.

    Got a bowl or a Pyrex dish.  Very much be aware certain things can burn quickly.

    You mentioned not have a problem before.

    I buy those custards, rice pudding microwave in the container a few seconds, do not do that empty it into a small Pyrex dish.

    Casserole ones Amazon sell them. Large one Pasta medium one soup or left over stew, small one beans, custard rice pudding small meals.

    Leave to stand  a few minutes.

    Please hope you try anything else lots if books on the markets, plus I am here.

    Any new ideas happy to help.

    One other go to charity shops great lines of books. Heart foundations has book shops, many cheap.


    Community Champion
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  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Administrator Posts: 5,688 Scope community team
    I’m so happy the slow cooker is working out for you @Franstrahan
    Ours featured heavily with Christmas dinner too. It’s probably my favourite piece of kitchen equipment.
    Sorry the chestnuts didn’t work out!! I hope your microwave is okay?

    Senior Community Partner
  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    Theres an old Christmas song;
    Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire...

    The microwaves roof inside got a little black, but most of it cleaned off. And it's still working.

  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    The chestnuts were fine too, if cold. Had them as they were. Today's dinner will be a carbon copy of yesterdays. Only chestnuts in a bowl this time. Very aware, could have been a whole lot worse!
    Hope everybody else had a lovely day yesterday. One more week to go, then things start getting back to 'normal'. 

    Happy Hogmanay!
  • deb74deb74 Member Posts: 536 Pioneering
    Christmas didn't work out as planned for me. I was supposed to have a meal with the whole family but some family members were ill and one of them has been in hospital so Christmas was cancelled. never mind we are planning to do Christmas at new year instead! 
  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    I've done that in the past (Christmas at New Years) when I used to work as a pet carer. So many people go away for Christmas, and I was looking after their pets, including dog walking extras on Christmas day as people went out for the big days dinner. No one in England seems to celebrate New Years. I was always free then.
    Enjoy your Christmas Day next Wednesday, and hope everybodys feeling better and looking forward to it.
  • deb74deb74 Member Posts: 536 Pioneering
    Hi @Franstrahan. Thanks. I am sure everyone will be feeling better by then and we will have a great day.
  • April2018momApril2018mom Member - under moderation Posts: 2,848 Disability Gamechanger
    Merry Christmas @Franstrahan

    What games did you play? We played games of Charades, Pictionary, cards, Scrabble, poker. 
  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    I didnt play any. Used to play Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, loads more.
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Administrator Posts: 7,727 Scope community team
    So glad to hear it was a success @Franstrahan! Sounds very tasty indeed! Nothing wrong with cold chestnuts! Glad the microwave is still working. :)

    Sorry to hear this @deb74! I hope you have a lovely time at new year!
    Community Partner
  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    The slow cooker is brilliant, ok not as quick as the micro but much more versatile. Boxing Day chestnuts were warmed up in the micro, in a bowl. We learn by our mistakes.
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Administrator Posts: 7,727 Scope community team
    Sounds like a great way to spend Boxing Day! I do love the slow cooker! :)
    Community Partner
  • deb74deb74 Member Posts: 536 Pioneering
    Hi Chloe_Scope. I am sure we will!
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