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Letter about my mum

lea2006lea2006 Posts: 11Member Listener
Can anyone help they have sent me a letter reguarding my mum . She passed away last year but now they are asking for bank details ? What is it they actually owe her ? I’m confused , she was in a nursing home and getting her benefit fortnightly of 224 , she was young and severely disabled 


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 16,266Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    HI and welcome,

    I'm one of the community champions here on scope. It sounds like your mum was originally claiming incapacity benefit and then transferred to ESA. When this happened some people weren't assessed for any income related top up.

    Whether she's entitled to it will totally depend on her circumstances and how long she was in the nursing home for. Once DWP have assessed her they will contact you. If she's owed money then as her next of kin then you'll receive that money on her behalf. Not everyone is owed money, some haven't been and some have.

    Hopefully the decision won't be too long because i'm sure this must be really stressful for you.
  • lea2006lea2006 Posts: 11Member Listener
    Thanks poppy , she had a severe disability and yes was changed over , got a letter asking me for my
    heard nothing since ? :-)
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 16,266Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    No problem. Unfortunately, having a severe disability doesn't make any difference to be entitled to the Income Related tops ups for ESA. Being in the nursing home could affect this but it will depend how long she was in there for and also depends on other financial circumstances.
  • lea2006lea2006 Posts: 11Member Listener
    Yes had the letter last week asking for my bank details
  • lea2006lea2006 Posts: 11Member Listener
    But heard nothing yet x
  • lea2006lea2006 Posts: 11Member Listener
    There’s no need to speak to me like that .. confused myself and just getting used to the site !? Finding my threads etc !!! I think your misreading my post I’ve already stated they have said they owed her hence why I put they asked for my bank details 
  • lea2006lea2006 Posts: 11Member Listener
    Only asking how long after they ask for bank details do they payout what’s wrong with that ??????
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 16,266Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    I didn’t speak to you like anything and I’m sorry you thought differently. As a community champion here, I help thousands of people get the benefits they deserve. 

    The reason I looked at your other thread is because that’s what I’m here for. 

    To answer your question there’s no timescales. Hopefully it won’t be too long.
  • lea2006lea2006 Posts: 11Member Listener
    Right well don’t insinuate I’m asking lots of times for different answers . I couldn’t find my thread and when I did you was giving me the answer to the original question and telling me it’s based on this and that . When I’ve already said she was eligible and they’ve asked for my bank details . So no i wasn’t going to get the same answer because my question was different . And Thankyou that’s all I needed to know .
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 16,266Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    I already said hopefully it won’t be too long, I just didn’t actually say there’s no timescales. I wasn’t insinuating anything at all. 

    Enjoy the rest of your evening.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,775Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @lea2006   Pleased to meet you, please if I can advise.

    Sorry to hear what happened the loss of your Mother. I can imagine very much difficult to cope with we do understand and are here to listen.

    I am one of the community champions on the forum, we are disabled, have a lot of conditions, illness related to many members on the forum.

    Have a range of expertise, knowledge. Many of us are here for one reason join this community and help you a member.

    Our role a lot to offer information, advice and guidance.

    I have my own health history such as mental health and addiction, nutrition, diet.

    We as part of our role daily many hours a day till late at night some of us, looking to help those members with problems, issues.

    We are volunteers unpaid have the compassion, the empathy to help those like you.

    Understand the confusion, around benefits and your personal circumstances.

    The community champion my friend @poppy123456 has been polite to you, kind and patience, tolerance.

    The lady has exceptional expertise and knowledge on all benefits.

    Please I know it can be difficult to answer a lot of questions, the lady has tried to answer any thing you have posted.

    I looked at anything my friend has posted to you and do not see anything offensive or wrong, sorry if you think that.

    I know the lady and she had been very kind, supportive to you, can not see anything wrong no insinuations at all.

    I do know that you need to be respectful at all times.

    Remember we are a disabled community often have young children to adults on this forum.

    Answering a lot of questions can be complicated, confusing.  I know this myself, it is better to ask us one a time.

    Get a response make notes and then ask another one.

    Can be hard for any one coping what your going through, if you need any additional support please ask another part of our role.

    Please may say have a look at our community House Rules and Guide will help you understand more about the forum.

    Please I hope this helps you understand what we do as community champions.

    Some times one final point may be over a weekend just two of us maybe a few more.

    We do get a lot a flood even into late evening, early morning.  Sometimes I know stay up late now probably into early hours Monday has been known.

    Please can I ask please if you do post anything you will get reply, eventually.

    Please take care.


  • lea2006lea2006 Posts: 11Member Listener
    know that . I wasn’t asking what she implied and then I get this ? I’m new on here and I’m confused not asking same question. 
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,775Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @lea2006   Thank you for the response the problem I can identify is you have posted the same questions a number of times, still the answers would be the same.

    If @poppy123456 has answered the questions you want answering then the lady has done that.

    If you have another question or wish to know more tag her name and she will answer on  your original post here.

    Also please can you go to the Welcomes, Introductions page at the top is our House Rules and Community Guide please read carefully.

    I am a gentleman in my middle fifties can and do get confusion so when I joined here.

    Did that look at the guides, make a notes and references for me.

    Do that write anything down make some notes how to use the forum, I do just got a new computer laptop written down how to work it why not.

    Anything @poppy123456 sends you down load it or print it off for reference then can look later.

    That would be easier would it not.

    I would do that.

    Please if you have another question I am sure you understand will be answered in due course please I hope you recognise what any thing relevant I was saying to you.

    Please if there anything else please ask.

    Please take care.


  • chiariedschiarieds Posts: 1,233Member Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @lea2006 - I'm very sorry to read you thought something untoward had been said, & appreciate you're just finding your way around this community as someone new here.
    When I first joined I hadn't a clue what Community Champions meant; as thespiceman has said they are unpaid volunteers who help the Scope team, & do so as they wish to reach out & help people. I know both poppy123456 & thespiceman are here daily helping countless people.
    All Poppy was saying was that she had hopefully answered your query here. She gave you an answer based on her great knowledge of the benefit system; unfortunately she just couldn't give you a timescale, that's all.
    It's sometimes difficult reading a message as you can't read the 'tone' of it, but I can assure you that absolutely nothing wrong was insinuated.
    I know how much helping people matters to both Poppy & thespiceman as they have both become such kind friends to me.
    Sometimes new members ask questions in different places; this can be hard to follow, & thus causes some 'confusion' as Scope's volunteers are trying to help so many people, & looking at other threads takes more time. Both Poppy & thespiceman are often the only ones here over the weekend & are often here from early morning until late at night. I sincerely hope this gives you some understanding.
  • lea2006lea2006 Posts: 11Member Listener
    No worries .. i
    appreciate how much you guys do .. you really are a breath of fresh air all of you ... and I’m sorry ., just been a bad time that’s all , all these letters and nothing of them it’s madness mum died a year ago and it’s as if it never ends .. :-( Thankyou for all
    of your help and you really are stars all
    of you 🌟 .. best wishes x
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,775Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @lea2006   Please thank you please can I suggest speak to this organisation I used them myself.


    Does help no matter given time these people will help worth a look.

    Please ask me anything keep in touch.

    Please take care.


  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Posts: 6,556Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @lea2006 and a very warm welcome to the community! Please do let us know if we can do anything else to help and please do ask for clarification if there is something you don't understand. :)
    Online Community Officer
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