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Recurring uti

RedWhenHotRedWhenHot Posts: 17Member Connected
I don't mean to pull anyone out of their comfort zone, but I'm after delicate advice.
I've been suffering from recurring uti's for the last year and a half and, because of the condition I have, they're horrendous.
Does anyone have advice, as to how to prevent them, or make them eaiser etc...
I'm at work right now, so won't be able to reply quickly, but anything you may wish to suggest, would be appreciated.
Thanks :smile:


  • RedWhenHotRedWhenHot Posts: 17Member Connected
    Sorry. Don't know why it's posted several times...
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Posts: 6,556Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @RedWhenHot, is this something you have discussed with your GP? Here is an article I have found on the NHS website which includes ways to make it easier.
    Treating recurring UTIs
    If your UTI comes back any time after treatment, you'll usually be prescribed a longer course of antibiotics.

    If you keep getting UTIs and regularly need treatment, your GP may give you a repeat prescription for antibiotics.
    Online Community Officer
  • RedWhenHotRedWhenHot Posts: 17Member Connected
    Hi Chloe,
    Thanks for the info.
    I've been seeing my GP and the Urology department for some time, but the NHS are very limited on what they'll do with Chronic UTIs, except to throw antibiotics at them every time they rear up. Unless you're living in London, where they do more pioneering work with them.
    I was after more of a personal experience with regards to how others, who may have this or similar issues, cope with them.
    Herbal remedies or just some techniques that help.
    I know that different things work for different people, and I've tried a few things to keep it more manageable between episodes, such as D-Manose (cranberry extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc...
    But, again, I can understand if no one wants to talk about it, as it's not a nice condition to go through or talk about.
    Thanks anyway :smile:
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Posts: 6,556Administrator Scope community team
    No problem @RedWhenHot! I know in the past I have found that cranberry capsules can help.

    Here is an article about it that you might find helpful, it also mentions things that you have said. 

    Please do seek approval from your GP before taking any extra supplements. 
    Online Community Officer
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,775Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    edited January 14
    Hello @RedWhenHot   Thank you for the post  and sharing.

    Sorry to hear this, I know as a interest I have had for a long time, have done posts on here.

    All because a child into adulthoods getting infections, colds, illness after taking antibiotics.

    I am allergic to pure penicillin and some variants of the antibiotics were causing me a lot of distress.

    As with medication, antibiotics  are fighting the body's immune systems as they should.

    Unfortunately there are side effects .

    I have done a lot of research had to for my own health needs as any antibiotics are ineffective for me, the build up of residues of long term  are limited now.

    As with any diet changes or nutritional changes please discuss with your Doctor always a advice.

    The science of Probiotics, Prebiotics Health is the bacteria that resides in your body and how anything such as antibiotics and using antibacterial foods, to maintain a certain level.  To aid you in healthy gut and bowels, digestive systems.

    All can be effected by antibiotics.

    Bacterial infections can be bought on by the body's reaction to ingesting new drugs or new medications.

    All medication especially those with antibiotics sources and ingredients do fight infection but so lower the body's immune systems giving rise to infections of stomach, bowel and urinary tracts.

    We need to counter balance this.

    List of foods I take in my diet and would recommend.

    This helps fight infection, antibacterial properties. Please do a food diary in case any allergies.  Discuss with Doctor please first.

    As for herbal remedies yes there fine but it all depends on your own knowledge and education.

    I know at once what I am doing lots of research , qualifications.

    As if you do buy supplements those in health food shops buy not contain all the ingredient on the label, does not have to.

    Certain herbs, spices are interference with any antibiotics you may take.

    Dosages you may take for example make your condition worse.

    All spices, herbs are of little nutritional value used in herbal medicine by those that know what they are doing.

    Some spices used for digestion, fight infection. I use Turmeric, Fennel Seeds, Cinnamon all small amounts tiny .

    All can be poisonous and harm health in large amounts.

    Those supplements we buy are expensive not worth it the money. 

    The following may be useful.

    Prebiotic the maintained of good bacteria anti bacterial foods.

    Apples, Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Oats.

    Fibre is so important fighting any infections clean healthy bowels, urinary systems.

    Whole grains Bread, Rice, Pasta.  Berries good are Cherries, Blueberries.

    Buy those frozen top on cereal Porridge with milk, water some nuts another one. Cinnamon a sprinkle and Yoghurt natural or Greek or live.

    Use Honey drizzle on.  

    Having that helps.

    Other foods are Peas, Beans, Pulses, Carrots, Potatoes.

    Probiotics health means giving the body good bacteria to thrive on to prevent infections.

    Yogurt, Natural, Greek. Live.

    Plenty of water a lot drink two or three glasses a day, I use hot water let it cool slightly in the morning from the kettle.

    You find this helps you move your bowels, make you find also empty your systems more.

    Lots of water with meals,  Cold this time or if you wish to continue lukewarm colds no problems does help.

    One other point this will drinking water make you empty your systems a lot, trips up in the night.

    Please if I can also advise if you look at the cuisine of the Mediterranean.

    This is what I am one all the time, see my recipes on here.

    Forum, webpages you need to scroll back and look.

    All Countries border that region use the above foods. Including Peppers, Courgettes, Olive Oil, Fish, Tomatoes.

    Herbs, spices not hot but Chillies are used as they contain Vitamin C and fight infections.

    You must remember we are lucky in this Country have NHS. Those Countries listed have expensive health care systems so get ill costs you a lot of money.

    Just a thought.

    All got hidden antibacterial properties maintain good healthy systems.

    Southern Italy, Spain, Greece, France, others are North Africa, Turkey, Croatia any of those .

    Cuisines like these are budgets, cheap eats. I use frozen fresh, tinned products.

    I would also speak to your local community health unit.  Well being unit for further advice.

    I have ben eating this food and cuisine for along time rarely have the infections if I do use the recipes I know.

    Also includes this time of year, I do use the Recipes of North Italy few ingredients, cheap tasty and used Slow cooker  and also healthy.

    Please if I can help please ask me anything, happy to be supportive.

    Please take care.

  • woodbinewoodbine Posts: 254Member Pioneering
    My dad who is 86 has had recurring UTI's for the last 18 months they have now put him on an antibiotic permanently.
  • RedWhenHotRedWhenHot Posts: 17Member Connected
    Thank you all for this.
    Sorry to hear about your dad @woodbine.
    Hope it gives him some comfort though.
  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 2,620Member - under moderation Disability Gamechanger
    Hello and welcome @RedWhenHot

    My son used to have bad UTIs. Antibiotics did not work so we decided to try medication to see if that would help or not. Have you tried D-mannose or Ditropan? I recommend asking for advice from your urologist as well. They should be able to offer tips and deal with any questions too. If the general family doctor is not able to help, consider bypassing him and make a appointment to talk with the urologist instead. 

    What causes the urinary tract infection? What tests have been done? A urine test sample is a useful means of gathering information that can be used to decide what to do. Ask the doctor about one to be performed. It will take some time however so remember to have something to read. You should typically get the results back within two days. 
  • RedWhenHotRedWhenHot Posts: 17Member Connected
    Thank you @April2018mom
    I've tried D-mannose capsules, and they seem to slow down the progress of the infections, but not stop them happening.
    Haven't tried Ditropan yet, mainly becasue my father had glaucoma, and this medicine gives an increased risk of getting it. Nerves I guess.
    I will look into it again though.
    Thank you
  • pollyanna1052pollyanna1052 Posts: 1,509Member Disability Gamechanger
    Drink lots and lots of ordinary tap water...keep on flushing!
  • RedWhenHotRedWhenHot Posts: 17Member Connected
    Hi @pollyanna1052  you're right.
    I keep reading that I should drink lots of water to help flush, except when you're getting a urine test.
    If you drink too much before you get tested, you're diluting the test specimen and so making it harder for the test to find the infection. This can make test results come back negative when they're not.
    I'm finding more and more, that I'm getting contradicting information for various prevention methods.
    I kinda wish there was a more concise approach to curing this type of thing.
  • RedWhenHotRedWhenHot Posts: 17Member Connected
    Thank you @ScopeADope
    I'm actually on Ciprofloxacin now.
    The last UTI got so bad, they put me on a 14 day dose. Finish it this weekend.
    Seems to have worked, but I'm dubious as to whether it'll sort out the problem for long.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,775Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    edited January 17
    Hello @RedWhenHot   Sorry to see your still suffering.

    All infections no matter how they and what are do take a long time to recover or heal.

    Please have you used any of the nutritional advice I gave you.

    One has to be stress free and be calm with these things, slowly.

    If you rush at anything take short cuts, not be rested.  Be sensible, practical and be thinking of taking the time to heal.

    If not doing any of that will not be healed.

    If antibiotics not working give them time all meds take ages to kick in start but you can hurry this along by any of my suggestions.

    Also clothing need to be loose no tight jeans or undies.

    One other no caffeine or Tea or Coffee.  Hot spicy foods, fizzy drinks.

    Please speak to your GP if any problems.

    Please just had an idea a thought there this charity deals with all matter bladder and bowel . Informative website look to speak to them.


    Helpline 01926 357220

    Please keep in touch and please take care.


  • Rainbows43Rainbows43 Posts: 8Member Listener
    edited January 18
    I've not read all of the posts,  but I've had reoccurring uti's for a long time. Urology has looked into my bladder and all seems fine. However he told me my bladder is like an ' old persons " 🙄 Where bacteria easily leaves the wall. I'm on a low dose of nitrofuratonin now 100mg every night and have to up the dose if I get an infection. Ive been given dip test sticks to test myself. 

    Avoid caffeine especially if you have an infection.. drink your weight in water ( not really) but drink enough and take ibuprofen for pain. I've found absolutely nothing else that works. 

    I did have an infection I missed 2 years , no symptoms what so ever and ended up with uro sepsis. Not something I ever want a repeat of.  It destroyed my right kidney which is now shrunk and covered in cysts.  I'm just unlucky getting uro sepsis is rare. 
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,775Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @RedWhenHot     @Rainbows43 

    This organisation any good for the two of you, sorry to hear have problems.


    Helpline 0121 702 0820

  • RedWhenHotRedWhenHot Posts: 17Member Connected
    Hi @Rainbows43,
    Really sorry to hear about the infection.
    I also take the Nitrofuranton (bad spelling), daily, but swap every 3 months to Trimephoprim (again, bad spelling).
    I believe this is to try and avoid the infection becoming resistant.
    There are several avenues I'm exploring to cure/ease this issue.
    Let me know if you want to alk about this more, and I'll happily share the information I've found.
    Keep your chin up.
  • RedWhenHotRedWhenHot Posts: 17Member Connected
    Hi @thespiceman,
    Thanks for the further info.
    I'm looking into it further and keeping it with the other things I've found.
    Appreciate the help :smile:
  • Rainbows43Rainbows43 Posts: 8Member Listener
    Hi @Rainbows43,
    Really sorry to hear about the infection.
    I also take the Nitrofuranton (bad spelling), daily, but swap every 3 months to Trimephoprim (again, bad spelling).
    I believe this is to try and avoid the infection becoming resistant.
    There are several avenues I'm exploring to cure/ease this issue.
    Let me know if you want to alk about this more, and I'll happily share the information I've found.
    Keep your chin up.
    Hi Red :) 

    With regards to the nitrofuratonin,  it's the only antibiotic they will give me after years of infections. None work anymore and have been told if the infection becomes resistant I'll have to go for iv antibiotics every single time. So what I'm trying to do is only take them if needed not as a low dose preventative. My urologist isn't happy , however I don't want to be in hospital everytime I get an infection tion , So I made it my choice. I was even made to go on low dose course during my pregnancy's first being 26 years ago. 

    I'd be happy to chat with you about if need be.  Having someone else who understands how extremely painful it is having reoccurring uti's , ( especially if passing small blood clots  ) would be a welcome relief. 

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