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Delivery charges 77bp

77cp77cp Posts: 21Member Connected
I needed a diary and ordered one from Rymans. The diary cost 3 99 and the delivery charge was 3.50. I paid gladly to get it delivered to me but it occured to me that suppliers should make allowances for those who are housebound and have to get things on line. What do you think? 77bp


  • SeanchaiSeanchai Posts: 240Member Pioneering
    yep, we know that companies are making a lot of money off deliveries ....I can order something from China and it free delivery .
    two week ago I ordered slippers from the site called " everything £5" ....it's  end of line stock from various high street shops , instead of going to landfill they at least get something for it...but it's £3 for delivery from normal royal mail .
    It would be nice to get a reduction or negate delivery costs for housebound people .
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,992Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @77cp   Use this great for all your needs .

    I found and use AMAZON all the time.

    Sign up £7.99 a month Prime Account get free delivery on most items.

    Get next day or send you a Email . When arriving.

    One other if you order like do scroll down and offer you most people buy this.

    Saves you buying and looking else where.

    Get bulk buys cheaper than supermarkets on the following.

    Italian Pasta Sauce not supermarket own brands. In big packs.

    Plus anything household, toilet and kitchen.

    Got a years worth of items costing me a fortune in supermarkets per month.


    One other https://www.which.co.uk.

    Consumer advice, guidance very useful.  Has reviews on every day products.

    Saved a fortune plus legal advice books and leaflets guides included on dealing with anything you are dealing with.  Health, Pensions Employment, Holidays much more.

    Costs around £10 a month might be more sub is changing but worth it..  Worth a lot of reassurance and comfort.

    Hope that helps.


  • chiariedschiarieds Posts: 1,457Member Disability Gamechanger
    Hi - well I'd like to sing the praises for one very ethical company if you like to grow edible plants & flowers from seed. See: https://www.realseeds.co.uk  For P&P you can just tick a box to say you're on a low income, & the P&P is reduced. Due to strange laws about them selling seeds that are not on an approved list of vegetable seeds (some nearly lost varieties) you have to become a member of their seed club, which costs 1p.
    You can also save the seeds (they send info with the packets to say how) because they are non-hybrid for the following year(s). You can buy some unusual seeds too. I grow Siberian tomatoes, Swedish peas (which have a beautiful crown of flowers before the peas), achochas (bet even thespiceman doesn't know what they are! See: https://www.realseeds.co.uk/cucumberrelatives.html ), as they're so versatile, etc. Each year I try something different; this year it's going to be okra.
    The quality is amazing too; can't recommend the company highly enough. So there's one for any gardeners.

  • 77cp77cp Posts: 21Member Connected
    Thanks. I like growing plats indors. That company sounds great.

  • 77cp77cp Posts: 21Member Connected
    thespiceman, Thanks for Amazon.Great idea.

  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,992Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @77cp   Thank you very much. One other AMAZON do a scheme called Subscribe and Save which is amazing.

    Very useful and ideal for our Community.

    Basically your purchase any items you use a lot of.   Mine are the what we all use. Kitchen Towels, Wipes, so on plus Pasta Sauces etc .

    Always running out of Stock cubes and other stuff foodie.

    Means every two months you decide.  Send them to your home . Would send an Email first do you need.

    Any thing then every two months got this with 15% discount.

    On major brands bulk buy.  Looking at thinking ahead is BREXIT causing consumer panic are prices going up.

    I am always savvy and have been in a situation at home with being ill, no one to turn to.  Running out of toilet rolls and tissues so with this scheme means can have a rolling shop every two months.

    I can decide.

    One other very important the Supermarket on line shop, always something recommend as well.

    TESCO most of them I tried . Like TESCO interesting note because the drivers as they have told me help members of our Community. Training spoke to one gent last week or so.

    All in my opinion a community lifeline as he added if we see something we need to act, if your having problems.

    Two or three drivers become friends and much appreciated their time and effort helping me with produce.

    Although disturbing to me, mentioned a lot of complaints which I never understand.  From shoppers.

    Always a warm welcome from me every time.

  • woodbinewoodbine Posts: 309Member Pioneering
    Another vote for amazon we use it 2 or 3 times a week next day free delivery for £7.99 a month 25p a day
  • 77cp77cp Posts: 21Member Connected
    Thanks to  thespiceman and to woodbie for all your useful ugestions.i shall haveto explore AMAZONmore fully
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,992Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @77cp   Thank you for kind words.  Give you some reassurance and confidence.

    If you wish to subscribe to WHICH magazine.


    Type in what ever you wish to buy. Look at the best buys and the recommendations . 

    On to AMAZON find it and consider buying it.

    I have started this year buying Kitchen equipment and tools major fully refit and refurbish of replacing everything.

    This after ten years or more, got everything I need but looked at WHICH website first.

    New food processor this afternoon.

    One other AMAZON do a basics line. AMAZON basics absolutely worth buying these, bulk buys.

    Nothing wrong and a lot cheaper than supermarkets.

    My one piece of advice is to buy when purchasing anything look at storage.

    Plastic large stackable containers I got 5 large ones under £50 this means stores tins and packets are safe and secure.

    I say this because what happens is you lets say buy a tray of 24 tins tomatoes for Pasta, good Italian Brands the ones they use.

    Down the bottom AMAZON will add buy and this as this goes with this.

    So will say you end up buying three trays of 24 tins of different products you use.

    One tray of tin tomatoes, On tray of Passata 500g cartons 24 in a pack, the Italian ones and another tray of 24 Chopped Tomatoes Italian brands.

    Just a note sit down with a calculator work it out how much each and how much the supermarkets charge.

    Do that and then make your choice, I do this any way because means always have Tomato Products all the time as I eat Pasta more or less every day or with Beans Italian.

    Saved a lot of money.


  • woodbinewoodbine Posts: 309Member Pioneering
    77cp said:
    Thanks to  thespiceman and to woodbie for all your useful ugestions.i shall haveto explore AMAZONmore fully
    last year I got a deal from amazon £54 for 12 months instead of 7.99 x12 saving £42 not sure if thats still avaliable
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