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How do you cope with vertigo?

JenCoJenCo Member Posts: 113 Pioneering
Hi all, 

I have vestibular disorder and I'm up most days at 5am doing various exercises to make sure I'm ready and able to take on the day. 
It works! I haven't had an episode in over a year now but I always have my Betaserc close by just in case. 

It's been so long I'm worried I'm not up to date on the best ways to cope with vertigo. 
Any links or recommendation on coping with vertigo when it strikes would be much appreciated. 

Just because it hasn't happened recently doesn't mean it never will again.
Good to be prepared.

Thanks in advance!

Here is an artistic interpretation of how my disorder used to be ;)


  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Administrator Posts: 6,345 Scope community team
    Senior Community Partner
  • janer1967janer1967 Community champion Posts: 788 Pioneering
    Hi and welcome, I suffered from vertigo which used to come and go. I was given anti sickness tablets which did help but not cure.

     I also used to make sure I stood up slowly and avoided looking up or down. It is also common to get an episode in a supermarket due to the cons0asnt looking up and down and the rows of food lined up. 

    I also had a procedure completed by my GP which they take you off medication so the symptoms come on and then they lay you on the table/bed and move you head in different directions, this moves the dust inside the ear which is causing the vertigo.

    I did also find that I suffered from vertigo as a result of low blood pressure (there is a name for it) so it may be worth getting it checked out

    I hope you find some of this useful

  • JenCoJenCo Member Posts: 113 Pioneering
    I have, thanks Adrian. There's lots online as far as advice goes, what I'm really after is feedback from the kind folks here on what's worked best for them. Like I say, so far so good but I'm researching to make sure it stays that way.
    Thanks for the link, this is useful and I'd recommend this site to any vertigo sufferers.
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