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thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
Hello every one hope you all coping going to add some Sausage Recipes .

We all buy them so many varieties simple recipes to use.

If I can suggest always buy good quality Sausages check packages .

Meat content should be above 80% or more .  If there poor quality filled with other ingredients not much meat.

Of course these may be seem trivial and costs a little more.

We have to be thinking good food means good health.

I buy Chicken Pork and Turkey all contain 85% to 90% meat.

They are ones with Spices herbs Italian ones , pick one you like.

I recommend buying big packs may be expensive, but are better flavour.

Use them wisely in following recipes.


Make this most days.


Sausages pack
Tins of Beans baked and mixed Beans.
Jar Pasta Sauce your favourite.


Fry Sausages Olive Oil fry pan seal brown medium heat five minutes remove diced up sliced.

Add to a saucepan mixed Beans and Bake Beans add Jar Pasta Sauce , add back diced sliced Sausages

On a simmer warm through five minutes

Serve on toast or add with Eggs.


Simple one to do mid week and freezer friendly omit Beans or Lentils add when cooking.



Onions Celery Carrots diced up chunky .

You can buy those already done for supermarkets some sell.

Favourite Pasta sauce


Fry Sausages Olive Oil stock pot or saucepan, medium heat remove five minutes.

Dice up and leave to one side.

Add veggies season use Worcester Sauce has Pepper Salt in it saves time, or any thing you like a note here.

If you wish those Herb Spices mixes.

Slightly soften add back Sausages and add Jar Pasta Sauce simmer till veggies and meat cooked taste check, if you wish to can freeze this now.

Or add Pulses Beans any, already cooked so just warmed through further ten minutes.


This is a tumble down recipe from the last one.

So any Sausage left over add Stock cubes add any other veggies in stores.

Add broken up Spaghetti or even ordinary Pasta.


One of the favourites  tasty filling and cheap.

For every one of all ages, introduction to the young Pasta.


Pack Sausages out of skins cut a slit in the skin force meat out.

Roll in to Meatballs with wet hands.

Favourite Pasta Sauce 

Favourite Pasta Shape.

Used Farfalle Butterfly Pasta or Rotelle shaped like Cart wheels or Penne Fusilli great standby recipe in using anything veggies to add.

In stores fridge freezer.


Rolled Meatballs in to Olive Oil sear colour medium heat.

Put Pasta on salted boiling water or use Microwave Pyrex dish if using small shapes and only for one or two people.

Five minutes high Microwave and Hob around ten minutes.

If it says ten on packet nine on the hob because finish in sauce.

Add Pasta sauce simmer through with Meatballs add drained Pasta.

Add cheese if you so wish to.

I have added some suggestions to make this different each time.

The jars roasted red Peppers add to blender add Pasta sauce blitz add herbs dried or fresh.

Add Pesto to Pasta Sauce Blender 

Or veggies Carrots diced up, antipasti jars veggies Sun Dried Tomatoes or Peppers

I eat this with Peppers Red Yellow and Orange.  diced up add to blender with Sauce.

Add in Red Wine Vinegar , gives a tang sweetness.

Enjoy every one.

Please any questions please ask happy to answer.


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