Mental health issues
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Letting it out😂

gillian72gillian72 Member Posts: 247 Pioneering
I would just like to say I'm really sorry for my rudeness swearing I should of had more respect knowing younger ones are here as well, an if I offended any parents I'm sorry , and sorry to all the scope team if be lost  if I got banned  because you have all got me to where I am now if u have  removed my shouting  an screaming post I'm totally happy to have it deleted , ps sorry I haven't spoke to u all in this group for a while but I do still pop over a read ur posts even if  I don't  reply to ur posts take care be safe xx😷😷


  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Administrator Posts: 9,312 Scope community team
    Hi @gillian72, we understand that you were frustrated. I hope you are doing okay and that you continue to find the community helpful. :)
    Community Partner
  • janer1967janer1967 Community champion Posts: 1,980 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @gillian72 I didn't see your shouting and screaming post but we all get frustrated and angry at times. Its nice to see you are still active in the community and look forward to seeing you artound
  • gillian72gillian72 Member Posts: 247 Pioneering
    @Chloe_Scope thankyou Chloe ❤️  @janer1967 thankyou  it was the best thing. I've  done I joined a couple of yrs ago but just looked at people's story's  an the odd chat  till I got the courage to chat with everyone who is going through similar problems I didn't feel ashamed  to open up  an talk to everyone  I'm now I'm not  alone  no more xx😇😜
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Administrator Posts: 7,347 Scope community team
    We all need an outlet @gillian72 and it's good to get things off our chests at times. I don't think there was any harm done, so don't worry too much. :smile: I hope you're feeling a bit better today? :smile:
    Senior Community Partner
  • gillian72gillian72 Member Posts: 247 Pioneering
    😭😂 look I know most of u will think I'm crazy, last yr I finally broke down at my esa hp he did ask me. a few times if he needed to take me to our metal hospital I kept on asking if he believed. me an be honest about it , he said no I don't believe you but I do believe what ur telling me so weather you believe or not then surly I need help if this is. what I'm. saying happened
  • gillian72gillian72 Member Posts: 247 Pioneering
    So hear goes I got all my teeth out in hospital, (because I had bad experience at dentist when I was a kid) so I had a couple of appointments with him just to make sure i wasn't gonna change my mind. while I was there he kept on asking me why I don't I have these to moles on my face removed aswell an il. wake up a new woman an smile again I said no but said you can remove the two of my neck then finally my friend (ex partners cousin) said go on its free why not.the scars will be one strand of a hair and gone in. 6months time well I woke up to no teeth in. and thick black stitches in place of my moles so iive got to wide scars on my face even the holes marks from the thick black stitches I went to my Drs once after telling him what happened and asked him if these scars will gone after next 3months that makes it the 6months I was told , well I knew the answer really, NO an he said omg look I'm shocked at what he's done an if it was. say his wife he would be taking her to seek medical advice, I did nothing I was so ashamed an have toucherd myself ever since that was 18yrs ago an never told anyone only kids family side so I've never made friends kept myself to myself an now here I am only top set fitted never had bottom teeth since , top set have got to big an wearing away kept in with palygrip an fixadent an I'm so ashamed because my kids have tried everything even offer to pay private then. with my mh triggers which I've lived with since. my late teens but I can't do it I blame myself for being so f,,, stupid letting my gaurd down when I should have known better an when I feel bad I just look in the mirror. an tell myself it's my own fault so this is it I've never told anyone until my hp last yr and all of you now oh an on the p2p hp an only the one dr 18yrs ago 😂😂 so when they are asking me how my disabilitys an health problems are affecting my day to day life etc I'm getting a bit confused explaining because I don't have a time limit on my daily life because I don't have one so if I don't clean up etc for days an only if I feel ok so it's getting confusing when they ask how long it takes an how it affects me blah blahh I know I'm gonna get it wrong and this is my only chance to sort myself out an get out of here get a flot an bit of mobility coz I'm gonna end up not getting out of this 💩💩 hole coz my daughters talking about moving out an il be stuck here alone I don't know what to do anymore 😂😭
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Administrator Posts: 7,347 Scope community team
    Hi @gillian72. It must have taken a lot for you to be able to share something so personal with us and I'm glad you felt able to.
    I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience with the hospital and having your teeth and moles removed and that this still impacts you and how you look at yourself now.

    If the top set are too big and worn down would you be able to consider going to the dentist at all to get them looked at? 

    It can be really difficult to explain how your mental health impacts your day-to-day life and you're certainly not the first person to wonder how to explain it because you feel as though you don't have one. You could be quite honest and explain that in the form. There is no 'wrong' answer, if that makes sense? 
    Explain what you do in a day (and what you avoid doing/can't do) and why your days are that way. 
    Senior Community Partner
  • gillian72gillian72 Member Posts: 247 Pioneering
    @Adrian_Scope thankyou Adrian & hope your good 🤗 I started to feel human an get my silly sense of humour back I wish I started chatting on here when I 1st joined I feel sad that so many of us are lonely and we all have health problems/disability// mental health issues and I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets angry and upset having to. explain when they say what's up with you or well u need to go to Drs grrrr so we all understand each other one way or another 🤗 Plus I've learnt a lot about myself an at the moment I look like a hard as 💩💩 great grandma( no offence to great grandmas ) 😇😇
  • gillian72gillian72 Member Posts: 247 Pioneering
    @Adrian_Scope oh sorry Adrian it was about my p2p assesment, I don't like telling anyone I get paranoid when I get questions like when was last time I worked I always prey they don't ask me that question I get upset because that's why I had that done an when they say or come on you must no your neighbors so my health probs / disability are also why I don't go out too , oh I don't no it's making my anxiety levels angry 😝😜
  • TopkittenTopkitten Member Posts: 1,143 Pioneering
    edited August 1
    I didn't see the bad post as I don't get on here as much as I used to nut I will always say that sometimes anger and frustration should be allowed for. By all means rant at a situation but try not to make things personal, after all there will always be people that disagree with ANY situation simply because we all see things and describe things differently. Also, in much the same way that any rant is an opinion that should be allowed to be expressed (within the board rules ofc) so too are any replies an opinion that also should be allowed in the same way. Getting upset with others is never an effective way to deal with people so, if someone finds something upsetting, then it's best for them to go away from it and come back later, when they can be more objective. This applies to posters and responders alike.

    Keep posing @gillian72 and good luck.

    "I'm on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell" - from Wrong side of heaven by Five Finger Death Punch.
  • Lou67Lou67 Member Posts: 708 Pioneering
    Hi Gillian glad you got to get all that out, Topkitten is right you should be able to express what your feeling, good  on you my pal and I hope your feeling a bit better, I will msg you later on the other thread we usually speak on take care Mrs ❤️
  • gillian72gillian72 Member Posts: 247 Pioneering
    @Topkitten & @Lou67 thankyou both for ur messages atm I'm feeling embarrassed an paronid I just want to be me again even for a little bit 😜 But hey hoo I've felt comfortable in telling you all (may b a while b4 I put my pic up incase someone knows me) lol , so maybe there's hope for me after all girls rule an boys drool 😍🤓
  • Lou67Lou67 Member Posts: 708 Pioneering
    Aww Gillian youv nothing to be embarrassed about, wev all got issues with ourselves, I eventually put a photo of myself on and it took a lot as I don’t feel good about myself either but it’s a start, put a photo up once you feel comfortable, then I will see what my pal looks like 😊
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