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Hi, my name is Emm4_G2!

Emm4_G2Emm4_G2 Member Posts: 8 Listener
Before Covid I was able to do 100% of my job. I type for the NHS and have found this to have been great for my well-being and gives me a purpose in life. I am now signed off work due to changes in my role which have involved lifting notes (simple for some people). I was employed with full knowledge of my disability and that lifting would not be possible for me. I did do it to start with as I could not ask colleagues because all of our work has trebled since Covid and didn't want to be a burden. Consequently, this has caused a huge flare of my arthritis, fibromyalgia, CTS and lots more. My GP has stated in my fit note that I need support before I can go back. I am also trying to apply under their Flexible working policy to do my job from home, but feel that my manager will decline this based on the fact she declined me when I asked if I could during Covid knowing full well that other colleagues in different departments were already doing so as they were given the choice to either work from home or come into work regardless of they were shielding etc, plus all my managers were working from home, including my own manager. She refused despite me saying that the Government stated if you can work from home then you should work from home. She rebuffed this and said that only people who were at risk were sent home. This I know to be untrue talking to other people in different departments. I have now been told that because I declared I could only do 90% of my role that it would be unlikely i could work from home and that if my assessment from an independent company called RPS which was triaged to them from my hospital was found that I was not capable of doing my work, that I could be redeployed! I have stated many times that had it not been for Covid I would still be at work today and the frustrating point being, is that I could be working from home right now! I have plausible reasons for working from home which would have a positive impact for my employer, but also I need to on other embarrassing medical grounds and if its my managers final decision, then I know she will say no. This is causing more anxiety which is not helping my conditions. There are days I use my crutches at work and there would be no way I could carry out these changes in my duties. I'm feeling like I'm being pushed out and they seem to forget that I have been working for two since last October as the other typist has been on long-term sickness and I've not had any help and just found out after just asking for help that I wo t be getting it! I am still waiting for the telephone consultation and if anyone has any feedback or advice it would be greatly appreciated. The other day I felt like jacking it in as I'm fed up of fighting, but I feel if I don't then I would not just be letting myself down, but the rest of the disabled community too. Sorry for the essay, its my 1st time on here xx


  • steve51steve51 Community champion Posts: 6,693 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Emm4_G2

    Good Morning & Welcome 😃😃

    Please please don’t worry about the long post that is what we are all here for.

    I’m one of a team of Community Champion’s here at Scope.

    Yes I was in the same situation a few years ago now.

    I worked for the NHS in Med Recs. 

    As I was unable to do any of my duties I had to take early retirement.

    I was heart broken to be honest, but I knew this was killing me anyway.

    Please please come back to me if you any further help/support??


  • Emm4_G2Emm4_G2 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Thanks Steve. Just so annoyed that I was doing my job perfectly well before Covid. I'm not sure if I have a leg to stand on (excuse the pun, but I need a sense of humour in my case). They employed me to do this role without lifting so need to know what disabled rights I may or may not have with the changes in my role. Ii had a tour around our med recs and you guys do an awesome job, such a shame you had to leave. 
  • steve51steve51 Community champion Posts: 6,693 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Emm4_G2

    Yes it can be very difficult if your role changes.

    I know this from personal experience.

    Do you have a local CAB???

    They world be the best place to start with.

    If not please please come back to me!!!!


  • Emm4_G2Emm4_G2 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Yes we do, but I think they are very hard to get an appointment with but will check it out. Thanks Steve, its just frustrating knowing that I have been doing this role for nearly 6 years, have worked flat out and this is the thanks you get! I will keep you posted. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 
  • steve51steve51 Community champion Posts: 6,693 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Emm4_G2

    Yes I did my role in med recs for over 10yrs.

    But because my health deteriorated significantly over the years I was unable to work my role.

    I had to take control of my departure to make sure things went very to plan.

    Yes please check with CAB if you have any problems please come back to me.

    Have a good day!!!!!

  • Lou67Lou67 Member Posts: 593 Pioneering
    @Emm4_G2. Hi and welcome to this forum, it a great and friendly community, I’m so sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing, I’m sorry I don’t have advice regarding these issues, but maybe @Adrian_Scope could help, he will respond when he sees this, I just wanted to say hello and welcome you take care😊
  • Emm4_G2Emm4_G2 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi Lou and thank you too for the warm welcome. That would be great if he could as this was not an issue before. If my work can support the 10% required to fill my new role as before, then working from home definitely would not be an issue. Its so frustrating because I could actually be working right now as I'm not hindered to type 😊
  • Lou67Lou67 Member Posts: 593 Pioneering
    That’s a shame it’s asif theyr just been contrary hopefully you’ll get the advice you need x
  • Emm4_G2Emm4_G2 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Yes I hope so x
  • chiariedschiarieds Community champion Posts: 2,644 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Emm4_G2 -Welcome to the community, & thank you for joining. I'm very sorry to read about your problems with work. Scope has some info about 'Disability discrimination' which may be helpful. Please see: https://www.scope.org.uk/advice-and-support/if-employer-rejects-adjustments/   
    Please do keep in touch; chat here any time, & let us all know how you get on. I do hope you get some resolution with this. :)

  • Emm4_G2Emm4_G2 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi Charieds, 
    Iys actually sad to think that I may end up going down this road to keep a job that I was perfectly happy and able in doing up until now. I expect I will learn more when I have the telephone consultation from an external occupational therapist they have triaged me too. I have asked if their findings are positive on my behalf, if I could use it in my application for flexible working at home? Thanks for the info and I'll keep you updated. Fingers crossed this gets resolved quickly and isn't dragged out. 🤞
  • janer1967janer1967 Community champion Posts: 1,619 Pioneering
    Hi and welcome to the community, it seems to me you may have a good case for fair treatment initially over not being allowed to work from home when others do.

    Have you go s union rep or maybe get advice from ACAS

    As for disabled rights this is covered in the equality act and you have the right to reasonable adjustments being put in place in order for you to remain working, there is some good info on here about reasonable adjustments.

    The process usually starts with a referral to Occupational health for an assessment so they can recommend any adjustments 
    You have been given a lot of information to take in so if there are any further questions then please ask

  • Emm4_G2Emm4_G2 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi janer1967

    Yes it's a definite information overload. I feel in limbo being at home and I am itching to get back. I'm still waiting for a telephone consultation from OH, so until then my hands are tied which is so frustrating. The only extra help I would need if I worked from home would be for someone to file my printing and log prescriptions and blood forms onto a spreadsheet, so it depends on whether they will budget for someone to do this. Thanks for taking the time to reply, it is certainly calming my nerves knowing that I am not on my own and there are people that understand what may not seem a big deal or effort to some people, can feel like climbing a mountain to others 
  • janer1967janer1967 Community champion Posts: 1,619 Pioneering
    Well any help you need just ask I was a HR manager for 30 years so have come across lots similar cases 
  • Emm4_G2Emm4_G2 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    That is really good to know thank you. 
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