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A long shot i think but...- has anyone had a colonoscopy?

Crumble_RhubarbCrumble_Rhubarb Member Posts: 19 Listener
Hi, I get colonoscopy's fairly regular. Coming up to the 3rd one. The usual prep the give, moviprep has an awful effect on me, vomiting, cold, shivering etc. Just awful. So this time I have asked for a new prep, the only one they can offer me is called fleet I pick it up monday.

Has anyone taken fleet? I am starting to panick as online doesnt have great stuff about it in terms of health. But I dont think I could physically manage to keep moviprep down. 

Am I alone in the colonoscopy prep reaction? Everyone seems to manage it.



  • woodbinewoodbine Member Posts: 1,085 Pioneering
    The prep I took didn't work they tried it twice and instead did a scan 
  • gillian72gillian72 Member Posts: 249 Pioneering
    @Crumble_Rhubarb Hello 🤗 I'm sorry I can't be of much help, I've had a few myself but never had fleet before, are u sick before u have the colonoscopy ? I used to get my prep 💩 in the post 😷 Hope u feel better with fleet and good luck xx Ho an don't forget ur air freshener lol
  • Crumble_RhubarbCrumble_Rhubarb Member Posts: 19 Listener
    woodbine said:
    The prep I took didn't work they tried it twice and instead did a scan 
    Thanks for the response @woodbine.Ah, that must have been awful trying twice the having a scan. I guess that's what I am scared of that this prep wont work or have worse sideffects, moviprep works in term of doing its job. I just react terribly. Where no one else I know reacts the way I do.
  • Crumble_RhubarbCrumble_Rhubarb Member Posts: 19 Listener
    @gillian72,  thanks for the response too! 

    Yeah I vomit along with the intended effect, cold shivering, headaches etc. Last time I just took half of the prep as I couldn't do any more after all the vomit etc and I was clear but I cant  bring myself to have the same reaction. So am hoping this is easier as apparently it's just 2 cups of prep and other liquids vs 2litres plus extra liquid.
    Am dreading it already. The scope is fine it's this awful prep 😒 no one else who takes it seems to reacts like I do.
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