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Hello, I'm BAF

BAFBAF Member Posts: 9 Connected
Hi everyone hope you are all ok , this is my first time and post on here, not to sure how it works


  • Cher_ScopeCher_Scope Administrator Posts: 1,336 Pioneering
    edited October 11
    Hi BAF and welcome to our online community.  It's great to meet you  :)

    How are you today?  Is there anything we can help you with?

    To get started on the community, I'd first explore it a bit.  You can visit all the different groups we have and the varied topics we discuss.  These range from relationships, to benefits and education.  If you see anything that takes your fancy, give the title a click where it's in a bold purple colour and it'll take you to the related discussion.  

    To reply to other people, type in the white box at the bottom of other people's comments where it says 'type your comment', then press 'post reply'.  

    To get used to posting on the community, our virtual coffee lounge is a relaxed spot to practice too.  We play games and talk about all sorts in there.  The members are very friendly and patient too so don't be worried about making a mistake!

    If you need anything just let me know and I hope you have a nice relaxed Sunday.  Take care.

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  • janer1967janer1967 Community champion Posts: 4,507 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @BAF and welcome to the community glad you have joined and look forward to seeing you around 
  • chiariedschiarieds Community champion Posts: 4,574 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @BAF - & welcome to this friendly & supportive community. Hope to see you in the 'Coffee lounge.' :)
  • Ami2301Ami2301 Community champion Posts: 6,802 Disability Gamechanger
    Welcome to the community @BAF :)
    Community Champion
    Disability Gamechanger - 2019
  • BAFBAF Member Posts: 9 Connected
    Hi to everyone that messaged me, I am still very new at joining forums and the internet in general, so please forgive me if I do not reply as being online is new to me, hope everyone is ok
  • janer1967janer1967 Community champion Posts: 4,507 Disability Gamechanger
    No problem just take your time to get familiar with it all there is no pressure for you to reply 

    If you need any help finding your way about just ask 

    You are doing well you managed to join and post and reply 
  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Administrator Posts: 1,277 Pioneering
    Welcome to the community @BAF :) How are you getting on? 
    Online Community Coordinator

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  • BAFBAF Member Posts: 9 Connected
    edited October 12
    Thankyou , without showing my age, when I was a teenager there was no mobile phones,  and it is only recently that I have purchased a android phone so it's all about daunting at times, I suffer with mental health problems,  have suffered with severe anxiety and depression for almost 40 years, I last attempt suicide at the end of July this year,  I have tried before and I am not someone who attempts suicide then rings am ambulance, I have just hoped that I would fall asleep and never wake up,   my last overdose in July i took [removed by moderator- specific details] tablets my doctor said I had taken more than enough to never wake up again but unfortunately I did,  it's been hard suffering for many years,  I have found the internet helpful by joining forums and talking to people who suffer the same problems, it has also been nice to just talk to people in general as I rarely go out, have no family or friends, since I bought a android phone it has been nice to talk to people without having to leave my home, I also like to help others who may have problems or just want to talk, to everyone thankyou for a warm welcome 
  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Administrator Posts: 1,277 Pioneering
    I'm really sorry to hear things have been so difficult for such a long time @BAF, but thank you for sharing. 

    Are you currently receiving any support for your mental health? It concerns me that you attempted suicide so recently, and we'd like to try and help. Please also remember that you can always ring Samaritans on 116 123, or email them on [email protected] You can also text SHOUT to 85258 if you prefer to speak over text, but still need urgent support. 

    I'm really glad that you find internet forums so helpful :) And I agree that helping other people can also be a mood lifter, as can just having a chat. 
    Online Community Coordinator

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  • BAFBAF Member Posts: 9 Connected
    Thankyou Tori, yes I have had many counselling sessions from 2015 until 2019 and see my doctor on a regular basis,  but when I am at the point where I have made my mind up that I just want to go to sleep and never wake up,  I don't tell anyone or want to talk about it, after 40 years I would say the last 12 months I have found the only thing that helps in any way is to take my medication for the day and curl up on my setter with my quilt and put my headphones on an plug into my t.v and just block the world out,  and I fought doing that until a year ago because I felt I was being lazy and I should be up and about, but after my last counselling session I was advised to do whatever it takes to help me through a bad day and discovering being able to talk to people online without having to go out or being around other people and having panic attacks helps me , and I really like helping others as I know how it feels and I don't like to think of other people suffering,  thank you for the warm welcome 
  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Administrator Posts: 1,277 Pioneering
    edited October 12
    I'm glad that you're able to see your doctor on a regular basis @BAF. Sometimes it can feel easier talking to someone anonymously, such as by ringing Samaritans, than contacting your counsellor or doctor when you're feeling really low. Did you find that the counselling helped at all?

    It's very normal to feel as though you don't want to talk about things when you're at your lowest, but it really can help get you through. I agree with your counsellor that allowing yourself to take those days to block the world out and just exist is fine if it helps you to get through the really bad days.

    Do you take your medication on a daily basis? Does it help? 
    Online Community Coordinator

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  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Administrator Posts: 10,556 Scope community team
    Hi @BAF, welcome to the community! I just wanted to check in to see how things were going. :)
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