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Returning to work

geeforcegeeforce Posts: 26Member Listener
hi good evening  I’ve been getting uc since November it’s a joint claim with my wife we get the disability premium of £330 cos of my wife can’t work
but I’m looking to return to work and I will earn approx 18000 a year will we still be entitled to any help with  housing benefit as I get full hb
kind regards 


  • Hart86Hart86 Posts: 360Member Pioneering
    Universal Credit works very differently to legacy benefits so whether you’d still get help depends on the total deductions, everyone starts with their full rent entitlement (and other elements) and the total is reduced by any deductions for wages, not a specific element.

    To work out how much UC you’d get you would use your TAKE HOME monthly pay (after tax, ni and pension contributions) and work out the wage deduction.

    Because your wife has the LCWRA element (and you’ve said you rent) your work allowance (wages that are disregard) is £287. So you’d do:

    Monthly take home pay - 287 = ?

    Then multiply the answer by 0.63

    The answer is how much they will deduct from your total universal credit.

    For example, say my total UC before deductions is £1336 including rent and I earn £1000 a month in wages.
    I would do:

    1000 - 287 = 713

    713 x 0.63 = 449.19

    So my universal credit would be reduced by 449.19 (1336 - 449.19 = 886.81

    So I’d continue to get £886.81 Universal Credit and my wages of £1000 a month.

    Hope that helps!
  • geeforcegeeforce Posts: 26Member Listener
    Thanks for your reply hart I will take home about 1300 a month my rent is 116 a week sorry I should have told you kind regards 
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 16,104Community champion Disability Gamechanger

    Pop your details into this benefits calculator and it will tell you what you could claim https://www.entitledto.co.uk/

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