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Alex admin

Hi, I'm Alex and I work on Scope's social media and this online community! If there's anything I can do to help you or if you have any feedback on the community, feel free to post here or you can email me at community@scope.org.uk


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  • Alex earned the 500 comments badge.
    Your support for others is immense!
    April 13
  • Mazz
    Thanks Alex,  I'LL try that now...Mazz
    March 24
  • Mazz
    Hi, Alex, need a mouse that easier to use can u suggest one.   When i click, my fingers now right-click bringing up the drop down box.  I use or try to use photoshop so need a usable mouse.
    March 24
  • MichaelClements
    Any news about the Jigsaw of Realty ? Did it arrive OK ?
    Michael Clements
    March 17
  • Justice
    Hi Alex,
     still doesn't seem to work for me. I can see notifications. I can see that I have an inbox, but still don't know how to send a private message or how anyone would send one to me. If I click on you link it still says I do not have permission, even though you have saved it?
    March 15
  • Justice
    Hi Alex,
       thanks for that. I can see now that I can receive private messages, not sure how to send them to someone. I clicked on the link you sent, and was told I don't have permission to do that. Sorry if I am being thick  :/
    March 15
  • MichaelClements
    I sent my text to the wrong dept. Did they send it on to you ? If not, I,ll send another copy. IT IS TOO LONG for me to simply er-mail it into _Hi! I'm Michael_
    March 15
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    March 15
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    March 8