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  • karenlane
    Hi Alex..some advice for folks regarding Pip Assessments.
    1. Ask for home visit. You are entitled to this..capita etc will ask why you can't go to assessment centre..your reasons could relate to not knowing the distance from where you can park car to assess building..is it more than 20 metres..or because if your anxiety going to unknown places and panicking or ability to plan a journey..all of which are acceptable reasons.
    2. Let assessment company know that you will have 2 cassette players to record assessment. Also ensure you have a 3rd digital recorder that you turn on that is computer compatible when assessor arrives as you can transcribe your assessment and send to DWP if the assessor has been rather economical with the truth which normally they are. DWP will only need the assessment transcript as they can't put cassette recordings onto their system.
    3. Dont let the assessor rush you as they try to complete the assessment within 45 mins..you will find that they will say regularly that this assessment should have taken less than 1hour and make you feel guilty for keeping them which is is helpful to you if you need a mandatory reconsideration of the assessment.
    4. You do not have to do any of the physical activities that the assessor might ask you to do if activities would cause you pain.
    5. If you drive an unadapted car then assessor will try to use this as a way to downgrade your needs.. Be clear about how many miles you drive a week..how frequently you stop to rest and how long you can drive before getting fatigued..for example..drive less than 35 miles a week and around 15 mins before stopping car to rest or stretch
    6. If assessment doesn't award you what you feel you are entitled to then write to DWP PIP requesting copies of all the paperwork they have used to make their decision prior to you asking for a mandatory reconsideration of your award
    7 IMPORTANT ..have a knowledgeable friend, advocate sitting with you at your assessment..
    March 1
  • Bill
    Hi @Alex,
    Just to thank you for recent post re @claudia... Let's hope that is sufficient.
    February 14
  • sleepy1
    Thanks Alex for closing down that thread, X rosie
    February 6