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  • Ritzy
    Advice needed....
    What do they look for when they do these hearings? 
    Who is in there? 
    Is it like going to court? 
    What questions am I expected to answer?
    Do I have to take anything with me apart from myself and person supporting me?

    March 22
  • Ritzy
    Hi can you tell me or give me any advice on how the hearing system works.  I am very very nervous.  I was given the enhanced points before and then all my points for mobility and daily living were taken away from me, just like that.  I still get ESA thank goodness or I would have to seep employment, even though I was deemed unfit for work and was given redundancy about 4/5 years ago.  
    March 21
    • PippaScope
      Hi @Ritzy, you may find this page on the appeals process helpful: https://www.scope.org.uk/support/disabled-people/benefits/appeals
  • dvdstrtn
    Can anyone tell me how long a mandatory assessment is supposed to take, mine has now been in excess of 40 weeks and when I phone them they LIE to me (after 10 weeks they said for my area the court took 11 weeks and would hear next week, after 20 weeks I was told my area took 21 weeks and would hear next week same 25 weeks same at 35 weeks ), I've even had my MP Richard Drax write to them and still nothing. Can anyone suggest anything.
    December 2017
    • rosie1963
      Dear dvdstrtn
      yes, I have been waiting since July for mine. I have no idea what is going on really. I'm frightened of making a fuss in case they make things difficult for me.
    • kah22
      Why worry, does your DLA not continue until the MR takes place ?
  • mmpurple64
    hi im getting married in may,my fiance is working and at the moment i get income related esa and im in the support group,will i get anything
    February 22
  • michellebabe
    Hi I am trying to find out if I take 6 months off work as parental leave unpaid  to care for my son who is 10 and going to have spinal surgery for his scoliosis (curve of the spine) if i can claim any benefits for him and anything I can claim while I am not working thanks 

    February 15
  • annbates
    I was on D L A until December last year.  I had to apply for PIP this was refused. I have 2 mechanical heart Valves and on Warfarin for life. My husband had 4 heart attacks last year an now has a pacemaker and a monitor to record his heart function he had prostate cancer and incurable lung disease I am constantly looking after him 24/7. This is exhausting for him and me. No help with this I too out out of breath this is very stressful for me my diet is poor not sleeping properly.

    February 12
  • freckles
    Hi maria in 2015 i was awarded 13 points in 2018 i was awarded 10 points
    February 8