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  • Abi222
    Hi, My son is in receipt of PIP for care and mobility at the higher rate and Support  Group ESA.
    We have been reassessed for care services which my son receives and we have been told to contribute £57.20 a week as of today and to expect  an invoice for £2,383.10 for the period of April 2016 to September 2017.  (We received the letter on Saturday 23, just 2 days notice.)
    Does this sound an excessive amount to contribute we will struggle to afford almost £60 a week.
    Also in March this year we received a letter notifying us that with all benefits my son received or was expected to receive our contribution was nil.  
    I am very worried about the charges and really would appreciate any help or advice on this.
    September 25
  • clark30
    I claimed pip and wasn’t awarded it then appealed against it and the tribunal granted me it but now the dwp are asking for a statement of reasons how long is this process it’s causing me more upset and anxiety 
    September 22
  • Lauriegail78
    I failed my esa assesment which was full of lies .i have sent in a letter for mandatory reconsideration. Now i get an award letter stating my pip is totally cut .im left with nothing and i called pip because they basing on my esa assesors claims. I got mandatory back and no change, so need to go to tribunal next. I was in the job centre 3 times cause was told to claim j.s.a while waiting but had to keep leaving cause it was too much for me, I've now had no money at all since 17th July. Gonna lose my home next. And borrowing money for food and essentials from friends n family and can't keep asking, only just put letter in for tribunal this week so God knows how long it'll take. Or how much more I can take....
    Past physical cause I can move my arms and legs... so obviously I must be able to climb Kilimanjaro according to them,
    Read more at https://community.scope.org.uk/discussion/36050/hi-my-name-is-lauriegail78#hxGEUpg2FCsQMIJM.99
    September 17
  • loopyt
    Hi, not sure if I am putting this question in the right place so sorry if not! I am at the point of filling in appeal form because they have lowered my mobility part of PIP. I have just received a copy of the assessors report (capita) and although I have been unable to go through it today the first part is from my GP which shows most of my issues but I have just noticed that the assessor has put that I haven't been to my GP since 2014? A genuine mistake??? I have been several times this year and quite a few since 2014 so my question is, do I call DWP to highlight this? Especially  as they told me that their decision was based in part on the fact that I am not receiving treatment or seeing anyone?
    Would be grateful for all opinions as DWP have been a bit impatient when I tried to speak to someone.

    September 14
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    September 13
  • icecream
    hi iv just had a non face to face p.i.p assessment, due to them stating i was to high risk due to self harm for a home visit , talking to some young man on the phone [which is an nitemare for me], who really wasnt being very helpful at all , i broke down on the phone and then got to speak to a nurse [ she said she was a nurse ] who said she would phone me back , they phoned back asked me 1 question and said that it was done,, so sorry to ramble on my question is have you heard of a non face to face assessment and if so what as been the outcome ????
    September 11
  • dianebell1
    my husband has been getting ESA contributions based and he told them that he had a NHS pension now they saying he should not have had it , is this right
    September 9
    • warriorof6
      My mum recently started claiming contribution base ESA and apparently they said you could be a millionaire and still be entitled to esa but i am not to sure on the nhs pension as some benefits overlap others which means you only get 1 which is silly really but i hope you get your answers soon
  • sodaone70
    I'm on pip ..can I get a blue badge for friends car as he takes me around lots of appointments as my mobility is poor 

    August 31
  • brianm
    Can u plz tell me if a will still get my pip that a win at the tribunal the judge gave me mobility and all so got for my mental health.... but a got a letter from pip our dwp saying wee can't pay u at this time as wee have sent a letter to the judge asking for reasons for my win appeal.. this is me going into my 4th week after a win my appeal.. And a have not heard anything.. am worried now cause the pip are not paying me anything yet as the want the reasons from the judge.. will a still get my pip that a win.plz reply thanks am stressed and worried 
    August 25
  • westendlass
    My husband won his appeal last Tuesday and is awarded from 15th August 2017 to 21st August 2018. But a word of warning to anyone needing a car. Mobility told him today that he needs paperwork from DWP before 21st otherwise it will be too late to get mobility car. Have to say they were very helpful and rang DWP and will ring them every day to get paperwork and info they require. If in any doubt ring mobility after you receive your decision they will help you and push DWP for you.
    August 14
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