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  • maximusmeridius
    Hi im looking for an advisor for some help and advice 
    November 17
  • clark30
    Still awaiting for the statement of reasons from the judge it has been two months and always get told it is with the judge does anyone know if the pip have to pay u by two months this is bad and causing me more stress then I started
    November 15
  • fabulous50
    i am having trouble writing my appeal letter i have problems expressing myself i suffer with short term memory loss and i lost my pip i had some feed back from cb rebel and one from benefits training co the other week i was told to appeal,by them can any one tell me if i should send some letters with this letter from my doctors ?, i suffer with epilepsy and mental health issues i am under the hospital for the rest of my life medication is coming to an end they are running out of medication to help me,also i am awaiting a hospital appointment for a thyroid problem i am falling apart at the moment they totally disregarded any of this and only give me 2 points for toilet needs as i suffer with ibs also they have not allowed anything else any help would be gratefully received i have no help at home i live on my own also.
    November 12
  • Manda11
    Hi I got moved from support group ESA to work related group. Currently waiting for Tribunal hearing. In the mean time was awarded PIP standard and have just received forms asking if I have anyone claiming Care Allowance. If not I could be entitled to Servere Disability premium any ideas how much it be and if it had dated. 

    November 11
  • dude
    Hi, I have a problem I need help with.  My husband had his F2F 8 weeks ago and we got a letter in the period of time (4 weeks ago) saying they had all the information but we still haven't heard anything.  This isn't for a new claim, it's to apply for enhanced mobility from standard.  We are on pins just now waiting! We waited 3 months for the f2f and now it's been 8 weeks since that! Can anyone advise me how long it should take from them sending the (we have all the information to make a decision letter)???? Thanks 
    October 30
  • cathie
    Hey good advise but been here got some ones help and to my surprise I didn't send anything or ask for  an appeal  but low and behold I received an appeal  letter was a copy of reasons  for only 4 points said we are aware your disabled and bathing and dressing are an issue and about your long time injury but we're are afraid we can't give you pip as you don't fit criteria    nothing about unable  to get about without servere  discomfort  and extreme  pain even with aids .. I  did.nt know at that point the women who saw Mr claimed I was able to walk a distance expected  of a non disabled  person have no idea how she knew this was never asked to demonstrate.   Also claimed she witnessed  me moving a heavy piece  of furniture I told her twice to stop pushing my body down as it hurts it not able to go that way  or I will stop the assessment  it was brutal  .. should have asked her what drugs she had taken before coming to me ..clearly she must have been seeing things  as there was no way on this earth . I was capable  of what she said .totally gave up then .only reason this is going on again cod a guy from  don't know where came and wanted a answers  as to why I had.nt attended a three bus journey to a job  thing for two years   even though  advisors called and we're told regularly about my issues no mobility   and evidence  sent again and again  iv also told them a thousand times unable to attend pip. With no benniff  money no car   had three home visits Inc mangers  yet still expecting  me to attend another one letter arrived day after the said date not to attend as new plans in place this week I have another appointment  not sure what to do my friend put all my recent paperwork through the door of last appointment  building  still haven't sent it back to me. As my main issue is damaged spine nerves and locking of metal work from knee to ankle  have no idea how I will be on morning of interview getting out of bed could be a major issue  no one hearing me doc.hospital pain clinic all wrote letters still I'm being told to come or else amazing  give up ..
    October 28
  • libbya
    I won my appeal for ESA on 13/10 Is it true that it's up to the DWP whether I get any money now or not
    October 16
  • clark30
    I wonder if u could advise me in any way my pip was overturned by the first tier tribunal and the dwp are asking now for a statement of reasons I haven’t been  paid since the 16 th may this year what are the chances of them appealing this decision to the upper tribunal and how long am I waiting roughly 
    October 9
  • rhinos

    at my interview-in a wheel chair

    I took  my med evidence-  GP report and physio therapist interviewer  (occupational therapist).

    Both say no to aided or unaided 20 metres.

    I said i would not be able to walk around the room-as  I can fall from hypo tension.

    The room happened to have a surgery bed in it  ( not all interview rooms do )

    Would i prefer the  bed or chair-  I said  chair


    raise my arms over my head-could not
    turn and  rotate  neck- could not
    raise by legs  could a little with extreme pain

    became  breathless-had  to stop

    can  i  place my  foot-feet at under the back of  my wheel chair- could a little

    I feel I was as compliant as  I could be?

    any advice Will or comment?


    October 8
  • gerrys6
    I had a tribunal last year and for the time waiting for the tribunal I claimed j s a for Four months I won the appeal but in the duration my Esa and benefits top ups were paid I have just had another medical last week and if anything I’m worse than last years one so if I again get found fit for work will I receive my benefit s top up s like last time only if I know I won’t I won’t bother claiming because it was a nightmare !  Awful the Bloke I had was so intent on my looking fir work even though he knew I was going through the tribunal as for they understand the situation that people like me are in in that we are appealing it’s not true of this Bloke who took job dedication  to the extreme 
    October 1
  • Abi222
    Hi, My son is in receipt of PIP for care and mobility at the higher rate and Support  Group ESA.
    We have been reassessed for care services which my son receives and we have been told to contribute £57.20 a week as of today and to expect  an invoice for £2,383.10 for the period of April 2016 to September 2017.  (We received the letter on Saturday 23, just 2 days notice.)
    Does this sound an excessive amount to contribute we will struggle to afford almost £60 a week.
    Also in March this year we received a letter notifying us that with all benefits my son received or was expected to receive our contribution was nil.  
    I am very worried about the charges and really would appreciate any help or advice on this.
    September 25
  • clark30
    I claimed pip and wasn’t awarded it then appealed against it and the tribunal granted me it but now the dwp are asking for a statement of reasons how long is this process it’s causing me more upset and anxiety 
    September 22