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My name is Debbie and I work on the Scope helpline. Each member of the Helpline team has a subject lead role which aligns to Scope’s strategic themes. The lead role means that we have a deeper understanding and knowledge around the issue/s. The aim is to provide more in-depth information and advice to disabled people and Scope’s customers as well as sharing information and updates with Scope colleagues. My lead role is based around Benefits, Finance and Housing.


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    January 20
  • spinbobbin
    Debbie you said I could contact you so here I am I have no where else to turn I'm so worried haven't got the guts to end my own life but don't want to live I have no one to talk to I've spent 4 years dailysin my husband at home and im glad he has a tranaplant I really am but I don't want to live thus life.
    I phoned the pip people and told them he had a transplant then all sorts of people have told me the horror stories of having their benefits stopped over night if they did that to us we would loose everything then we been told they put you through hoops at a face to face again .
    Hubby's consultant said hubby still really sick and there is many complications to his various meds ooo and the list goes on I'm so sorry yoh don't need to talk to me I'm just pathetic I'm so sorry 
    January 8