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Hi, I'm Fundamentalist, I suffer from a whole range of appalling disabilities and disorders all hidden and inherited from an unfit parent. I'm over fifty years old and have never had ANY love life and really need to but I can't see how I can in the state I'm in with so many appalling disruptive disorders which combine together to absolutely RUIN my whole life. You can read more about me as I'm no tech expert and as usual I've made my introduction in the wrong place, so you can read more about me in the new members section. I'm a white male, British born but mixed race, still single and have to be. I'm hardline right-wing ultra conservative and I believe in proper discipline and order in places like schools and in society generally and in our media which are far too liberal. I've kept myself totally natural, i.e., absolutely NO dreadful tattooing or piercing or even a suntan and I keep my hair short like the military and I certainly don't wear stupid tracksuit pants or trainers etc. Even though I'm severely disabled and unable to work or socialise or have any love life etc. I still have strict standards of decency. I have about 18 different disorders and disabilities the worst of all being really severe misophonia and severe heat intolerance. I live alone in my own home which I thank the Lord above for and I've been there for over 30 years and in all that time I've never had any personal company round and now I can't have any home visits at all because of neighbour's dogs. If anyone wants to see me it will have to be arranged to happen somewhere else that is QUIET! I always need the total opposite of what everyone else, even other disabled folk always want so I'm seriously incompatible with other folk. I can't go to any so-called "social" centres etc. because of the appalling noise in such places and my whole daily routine is constantly seriously disrupted. You can find more about me in my other posts around the forum. Just look for Fundamentalist. I now have to have loud white noise on demand by remote control as I move around my home using an old analogue music centre and an old tuner amplifier and an old "ghetto blaster" type thing all with old fashioned mechanical manual tuning and tuned to a blank FM frequency without an aerial and I also understand old fashioned analogue electronics and I used to renovate old TV sets but that's all gone now. I also understand engines and I've had a few in bits and rebuilt them and I have a range of skills which I use to maintain my home, I sometimes go up on the roof using my own customised ladders and other safety gear to do anything that needs doing but that's far more difficult now because of so many maniacal loud mouthed dogs in the area which absolutely rip my skull apart with their selfish maniacal noise which I don't need when I'm on the roof. I can do electrics to a high standard and plumbing and joinery and plastering and decorating. And of course I'm confined to welfare as I cannot work and I can only just afford this internet. There is much more but it won't really fit here. Fm.


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