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  • Damion4me
    Thank you so very much much appreciated i need an advocate or much needed friends who have the same conditions like my self once again thank you

    regards   Jacqui
    March 20
    • JennysDad
      You couldn't be more welcome, Jacqui.
      Warmest wishes,
  • peterjacks01
    thanks Richard but don't know what else to do
    March 17
    • JennysDad
      Hi Peter.
      You seem to be getting some good advice from people in the know. Does it not feel that way? And what has been your MPs involvement? Is he a Tory and likely to support the actions of the government as practiced by the DWP, or is he on one of the other sides?
      Let me know. Talk to me.
      I'm here and listening.
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    1000 comments! Amazing work!
    March 16
  • andrea76
    Thank you so much Richard, much appreciated 
    March 12
    • JennysDad
      You are very, very welcome Andrea. Any time.
  • zoemulliez

    Hi @JennysDad,

    Thank you very much for responding to me. Please drop me an email zoe.mulliez@rcpsych.ac.uk so that we can continue our discussion.

    Many thanks and best wishes,


    March 12
  • Westonturner
    Was so good the info u gave today
    March 10
    • JennysDad
      Hi Westonturner, and I'm very, very glad if I was of any help. Do keep in touch.
  • thespiceman
    Hello thank you.  I forget to tell you sorry about long post.  I found what you sent me.  If you wish to have private chat.
    Click on my name box will come up like empty one with comment add what you wish Then send to me.

    There is an IN box as well.  I do not know how to do that one.  Hopefully work it out.

    Getting messages sent by some one can get them.  Do not how to send you one.

    Hope you OK take care thank you for support.  Doing good stuff.

    Proud to call you my friend
    March 2
  • thespiceman
    Hello I have just seen this great really nice and kind of you.  Made my day.  I am doing OK just tired from depression and anxiety.  By way I am only 53.

    Although some days feel 103.  I know what you mean I send loads of posts.  Spread joy and harmony groovy baby.   Sixties speak.  If I get replies great if I do not at least I have tried.

    Well I do remember Doo Dah Band it was a good group.  Guy called Neil Innes set it all up.  Called the hit song Urban Spaceman.  Ironically called by my user name.  All started because I was finding over counter meds.  Hard to cope with. stomach and digestion issues.  So used Cumin, Cinnamon, Tumeric instead.

    This lady in Holland and Barrett called me The Spiceman and it stuck.  Please do buy there anymore too expensive.  Use supermarket ASDA or others.  Always got a health use.  Would talk about it on web pages.  SCOPE say can not say what it is use for.  I do explain but if I went into depths.  Herbal medicine a seems no go.

    One annoying thing last night had a phone call from a lad who I knew long time ago.  Very abrasive and not very pleasant.  Called me last resort.  Can not drive his car, asked me to come over to help.  I had to say no.  Besides lives in a town too far away.  Has not much food. Told him my situation.  Go speak to neighbours.  Do not like me he hollered.  In the end nasty to me.  I am a christian charitable guy but even if I could.  Would not go.  Hated this bloke.  Bully in the gardens when I volunteered.

    Some thing to be said if you are nice, polite and kind supportive like me and you  Doors open for you.

    What ever you do take care my friend, always in my prayers and thoughts.

    Your friend
    March 2
    • JennysDad
      Hi my Urban and Urbane Spiceman :)

      Really sorry to hear about your nuisance phone call last night. Take care of yourself, first and foremost, whatever you do.
      Your honoured friend
  • thespiceman
    Hello my friend Thank you for thinking of me.  I am not too good.  This weather not helping depression.

    Anxiety set off computer malfunctioned Tuesday or Wednesday.  Cannot remember.  Lost every one all afternoon.

    My friend came yesterday who I had to text to pick up prescription chemist.  Run out of meds by Sunday.

    Got plenty stores and food see my many posts.

    Snowed in, some one cleared path today did not see.

    Meeting loads new people on pages and trying to help others.

    I see you are spreading love, joy and happiness.  Following you my friend especially this week.

    My mentor

    Take care from one gentleman to another

    My friend
    March 1
    • JennysDad
      Very kind words, Spiceman (I keep meaning to ask; you're nothing to do with the 'urban spiceman' that the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band used to sing about? :)

      Scary how computer dependent we have become isn't it. Freaks me out if I lose my connection for a matter of minutes. But, of course, without computers there would have been none of this, no online community, and no opportunity for me to be in touch with great guys like you.

      I keep seeing you around, on other folks' posts, spreading your own love and light, but often they don't seem to be the best place to get back to you. I keep remembering tobyrosco and worrying about appearing to 'take over' other peoples' posts. But this writing on the wall thing seems to offer some promise.

      I thought I saw something of yours in which you said you were now 55? If that's true... Well, I'm 66 so I can hardly see you as an 'old man' :)

      I'm still here, as you've observed, and I think about you often. Fingers crossed that the weather takes a turn for the better and things brighten up for you.

      Take care my very good friend,
  • asouthwood
    Thank you for your reply
    February 27
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    February 26
  • southcoastdave
    im struggling in getting out because of my depression and anxiety thou the roof and feeling lonely and isolated  even thou I live on a main road thats all richard
    February 21
    • JennysDad
      Hello Dave @southcoastdave,
      I am sorry you're having such a struggle, but I do understand. Have you looked at the Mental Health forum to see if there is anyone there with similar experiences? It might be useful. https://community.scope.org.uk/categories/mental-health-issues.
      Would it be useful for us to chat? I've experienced anxiety and depression most of my life and we might find we had things in common.
      Please stay in touch and let me help if I can.
      Warmest best wishes,
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    February 19
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    February 18
  • thespiceman
    Hello my friend how are you just a line or two or three yes that long tonight.  

    I hope you had a good day.  Been to footwear specialists at the hospital, in the snow, rain, sleet.  Problem with parking could not find the right entrance, walking all around .  Got there around to appointment with ten minutes to spare.

    I suffer a lot of pain in my shins, ankles and feet, need corrected soles, footwear.  This time got buckles easier to do.  Any way enough of me.

    I hope you are OK and every thing is fine.  Take care thank you for listening
    February 13
    • JennysDad
      Hello my friend,
      Good to hear from you. I have a history of orthopaedic issues, too, though no doubt much less serious than yours, and (moderate) pain in the legs and feet has been part of my reality for a long time :) I am sorry to hear that you've been hurting. And I'm sorry to hear you had trouble getting to the appointment, though I'm glad you made it in the end.

      Do your shoes have metal buckles? Are they not a bit awkward?

      I am genuinely okay at present. We do seem to be having a lot of newcomers registering with the site, though!

      You don't need to thank me for listening - it is genuinely my pleasure. So just tell me, now, are you okay yourself? I'm here and listening, my friend,
  • tobyrosco21
    Richard  regarding your comment about carers/support workers and quaifcationsI hope you are not tarring us all with the same brush!  The majority of qualifications we take are compulsory and very complex. I'm doing one now and won't get a pay rise when I've finished it.  It is just a case of renewing the qualification to keep you training up to date.

    February 12
    • JennysDad
      Hi Toby, and no, I'm not really, any more than I affect to hate ALL employees of the State benefits industry :) The poor experiences I have had have been with a particular level of care and support - the psychologists and psychiatrists
      Best to you
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    February 7
  • niloofar61
    Hi. My name is Niloofar. happy to find this group and kind words. I was diagnosed with ms in 2014.
    February 4
    • JennysDad
      Hello niloofar61. Is my friend Han Solo correct in interpreting your name as Lotus? It is very beautiful. It is interesting that in this country we do have (girls') names from flowers - Rose, Marigold, Heather and Iris being examples - yet I've never known a UK girl to be called Lotus. I am sure the Japanese and Chinese use it, though.
      So where are you from, niloofar61? And how might we be able to help or support you?
      Don't be shy about answering, you are among friends here.
      Best wishes to you
  • tobyrosco21
    Made two mothers day cards and now making some birthday cards.  Make them from kits.
    February 4
    • JennysDad
      Hi Toby @tobyrosco21, and good to hear from you. I am really intrigued by your cards :)
      Do you make them to sell, or just to pass time, or..... ?
      Best to you, always,
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    February 4
  • thespiceman
    Hello thought I send you a message have not spoken to you for a while Thank you for helping me over Christmas never forget your kindness and thoughts.

    Always great to speak to you.  How are you? I am trying to cope the best way as all of us do take care my friend
    February 3
    • JennysDad
      Hi, @thespiceman! I'm still working out how communications work here, so I hope this gets to you!
      It is great to hear from you, and I shall always be looking out for messages from you. I've just responded to a post of yours on Depression and I'll repeat the essential message, which is that if chatting helps, don't hesitate to be in touch. I'm not here all the time, of course, but I do check the site frequently.
      Very best wishes to you, as always,
  • Hopojane
    Hi Richard
    Thank you for you reply,very kind of you and its nice to meet you.
    I'm looking for a few answers regards to dwp reassessing the claims as far back as November 2016,being turned down mobility and being discriminated against there mental health.
    I was one of those unfortunate claiming for mobility and in my report it they said I didn't seem to be suffering from any anxiety I didn't seem anxious I communicated well and answered all the questions with good eye contact.I mean how can some one judge me by sitting in a room,when I'vebeen suffering the last 25years with mental health issues,self harming,addictive compulsive behaviour,chronic anxiety,depression, personally disorder.
    My physical health is no better,ive just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis,I have under active thyroid,high blood,bulging disc in lower back and neck,fibromyalgia,spondylosis,kidney stones+ibs,
    I can't go anywhere with out my mum supporting me,can I ask Richard do you no much about what's happening with dwp regards to people's claims being refused for mobility and them being discriminated with having mental health problems.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated Jane
    February 2
    • JennysDad
      Hi Jane @Hopojane and thank you for the message. I got an email to say you had 'written on my wall' and I'm so new to this that it took me ages to find it :) It is lovely to hear from you.
      Except that stories like your own are far too frequent, that the benefits system is being corrupted by the people who are supposed to be running it for public benefit, I don't know very much about the actual benefits myself. I have claimed benefits in the past, but so long ago that it is no longer relevant.
      My heart goes out to you, but that's of little practical help I know :)
      Reading what you've written, I think the best thing to do would be for you to contact Scope's benefit advisor
      Now, I don't see an 'insert link' tool here, so I can't be certain this link is going to work. If it doesn't, scroll down to the bottom of the page and on the right hand side of the purple band you'll see a list of links under Employment, finances and disability benefits. The benefits advisor is last on the list and you might find the other links useful too.
      I'm going to 'flag' your message to the administrators of the site because it is possible that they might be able to move it for you into the benefits advisor area. I will take advice on it, anyway, and if there's a way of getting your message to the best place without you having to write it all out again I will find it.
      I hope some of this helps? I will certainly go on trying.
      Warmest best wishes - and hugs, if allowed,