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  • JonGarlinge
    The one thing i would like to ask regarding PIP is this, although i don't have a decision yet, i do have a copy of the assessors report. If i marry up the Health professionals opinion [scores] i get 10 points for activities 1 to 11 and 10 points for activity 12. I believe i should have got at least 12 points for activity 12.
    The question is this, will the decision maker just go with what the assessor has put down on her report or will they take into account all the information that has been provided and possibly raise the scores? 
    April 12
  • Bennroxy
    hi about the deductions, from my PIP.  i saw a different lady today at CAB and she has managed to reduce the amount and also got an apology from DWP for taking it from my PIP.  they are now going to take 11.40 a week from my ESA instead.  
    March 5
    • Lasian_Scope
      Hi, thank you for getting back to me!
      It's great to hear that they were able to help. How are you feeling about it?
    • desperateforhelp
      Hi thank you for reading my post, my tribunal appeal was ESA related (I have had mental health problems since 2008 aftet a major episode of depression preceded by the end of my menstrual cycle aged 48) having been judged " fit for work"after my WCA via Athos in August 2017, my tribunal appeal was 23rd March 2018 and was very traumatic (the female doctor was very aggressive when I answered her questions she kept repeating them as though I hadn't understood her when I thought I had given her an honest accurate answer ? My ongoing illness , affects my brain and I often feel my brain is on" go slow" and I have severe physical fatgue most of the time, I broke down at the hearing, but she did not seem to care, at this point I just rambled on in a state of vulnerability, I recieved a letter sbout 4 days later stating that the appeal had failed and the decision of the WCA was upheld, the fallout of this has worsened my condition dramatically as I am uncertain of what the future holds for me !
      I know this is a little long winded but , I wanted to paint a clear picture so I can get relevant support & advice
      Thank you for reading any advice would be greatly accepted
    • desperateforhelp
      Feeling hopeful that I may get the knowledge anf help I need ?
      Thank you in advance
  • desperateforhelp
    Hi sorry for the late reply, still trying to navigste my way on the site, not good with computers, and my brain is not computing information very well at the moment lol, my appeal was for esa , was stopped after my WCA  by Athos, hope this helps ? 
    Thanks for reading !
    April 6