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  • starchild
    How fo i find my in box  please ty for the info have sorted out a local person  scheme to deall with forms ty trying to get all my paper work together terrible day yesterday terrified of pip i was bullied in to this by my family all they wanted was more mo ey as usual now i was in a mess noe in more of 1 ty for your help
    March 17
    • PippaScope
      Hi @starchild, your inbox is at the top right hand side of the forum, the second purple icon underneath the box where your username and profile picture are! Glad to hear you're having some help with your forms: do let us know if you have any further questions and we'll do our best to help.
  • starchild
    Ive done it again i cant put a photo on  can you please remove this i hate this im no good with tech at all ty louisalx 
    March 15
    • PippaScope
      Hi @starchild, no worries. I've now removed the image. To change or remove a profile picture, just click 'change picture' on your profile, and at the bottom of the box that this opens there is also a link to 'remove picture'. Hope this helps!
  • wadsworth
    • PippaScope
      Hi @wadsworth, is there something we can help you with?
  • Dermid81
    I’m employed by West Ham Fc, which is very near me, getting employment whilst disabled is difficult but if you don’t give up; you’ll be successful 
    March 6
    • PippaScope
      Thanks for sharing this Dermid81, great to hear you've found something that works for you! :)
  • lindadenise
    I could do with some advice regarding MR. I feel like the assessment provider Atos completely contradicted me in many ways. My 2 daughters help me with my medication as i forget to take it due to being in pain and tiredness. I have Cervical Dystonia which i have in my shoulders aswell, Fibromyalgia with constant pain and sleepless nights and i have Spinal Stenosis with Root inpingement. DWP reassessed me due to my condition worsening and said im no worse than 3 years ago. I did not have Back problems i can hardly walk yet the assessment provider watched me walk in with great difficulty on a crutch and my neck was shaking due to waiting for my neck injections so my head had a tremor and shoulders neck were going into spasm. He said i looked fine.
    I was made to look a liar very angry and upset and to top it off i got 10 points 3 years ago only got 8 this time.

    February 21
    • PippaScope
      Hi Linda, so sorry to hear about your experience. I've reposted your message as a new discussion so that our members and advisors will see it and be able to offer their advice ASAP. You can find the discussion here: https://community.scope.org.uk/discussion/40908/advice-regarding-mr
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    February 20
  • Ami2301
    Hi Pippa :)
    I keep meaning to introduce myself to you, apologies for a delayed introduction. 
    I hope you are well :)
    Ami xxx
    February 19
  • ladycat01
    Thank you for your email I will let you know how I get on next week when I go to court
    February 19
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    January 31
  • Ktmexc250
    Hi..pippa. no idea where this is going. Thanks for the mention to other mums with kids with DS. I would love to natter but have no clue how to get there!! I am not good at all this techy, witchcraft stuff.

    January 24
  • swain49
    good morning nice to meet you all
    January 24
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    1000 comments! Amazing work!
    January 22