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Sam_Scope Scope community team

Hi, Im Sam and I look after the online community here at Scope


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  • Stayce
    Hi Sam - Having trouble typing on the community again using IOS device- Are the filters on again? I think Alex previously turned something off behind the scenes to stop this happening

    It means I can't use predictive text or smileys from my keypad

    November 15
  • cathie
    Hi Sam . Great site by the way can really say everything you really feel no holding back but I do my up most to stay as respectfully  angry  but 8 really belive I am in need of some legal help here   honestly  opened my third eye any advice for me to turn for this.. Thankyou.. Catherine .
    October 29
  • rainbow58
     hi Sam
    my last scan was last week,the sonographer said she was to scan my organs-liver spleen pancreas and gallbladder,.told her i had my gallbladder out in 2013-gp should have known as she should have.
    the gastro i saw in sept did nothing-not accept my symptoms -just gave me meds,did not address fluctuating weight,or eating probs.refused an endoscopy.felt my abdomen lying down and got the same old "it feels soft ",when it is not-solid lumpy mass.that is all i can feel-.gastro just said -i am not doing another endoscopy.

    today as usual too painful on eating-food scratching my throat,that is another worry,i told him my neck was lumpier and tighter,he felt my neck and said "it is your larynx" did not examine me-or consider a cause-what with croaky voice.A friend had her thyroid gland removed a couple of years ago-cancer,i havent been referred to the correct consultant-i dont think so-been referred to SALT not ENT!
    October 27
  • Giselle
    Hi Sam! Thanks for your message. Sorry I haven't been in touch before now. I have an assessment with a counsellor next week, and I'm going to talk about the possibility of me having Asperger's to her, instead of my GP.  I'll take a print-out of my results from the online Autism test to her and ask her to put me forward for a referral. How are you doing? Giselle.
    October 18
  • freckles
    Hi sam i had my pip form a year early i was given it till sept 2018 i filled it in had to be in by the 9th october could you tell me why they have sent it a year early thanks
    October 16
    • Sam_Scope
      Hi @freckles can you repost this as a post in this category? https://community.scope.org.uk/categories/talk-about-pip-dla

  • steve51
    Hi @Sam_Scope

    Good afternoon I hope that you are ok !!!

    I have just come across a new post from @lovingVillage

    In the "new members" section.

    Which looks very very strange indeed.

    Is there any thing that I need to so with it ??

    Sorry !!!!
    October 9
    • Sam_Scope
      Thanks Steve! I have removed the post!
  • Julua
    Hi thanks for reply, I don't think made myself totally clear due to my arthritis and the pain it causes me need to stop work altogether if poss, but cannot exist without some form of income, and want to know if can apply for ESA and resign from work once I have confirmation of entitlement to esa. 
    October 4
    • Sam_Scope
      Hi I copied your comment here onto your post so hope you can get an answer from the benefits advisors soon.
  • mandy18a
    Hi sam had my pip assesment last week and had uc one today she sent me home after some of questions 
    October 4
    • Sam_Scope
      Hi Mandy, best of luck with your assessments, let us know how you get on!
  • Hi, Im Sam and I look after the online community here at Scope
    September 28
  • davidmarshall9998
    sex education
    September 27