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 Hi I'm Sam and I look after the online community here at Scope, I look forward to getting to know you all, if you have any questions or have some ideas for us, don't hesitate to get in touch!


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  • Ika
    Hi Sam :),
    I'm new here in Scope, i read your Story, i think you are incredible i mean an exemple for everyone!
    In 2015 I took care of a man with the same problem, my role was to cook healthy and give him medicine, but also read books in English (he was an Australian writer) and helping him psychologically because I have suffered in my life too, my mother has had two breast cancers, later I was diagnosed with celiac disease and 23 years I have had a disease called multiple chemical sensitivity where I was forced to live isolated without inhaling any chemical smell.
    Now i'm 31 and it's all ok, i've accepted it and i want to help others. The Australian man
     is fine, now able to live independently, he accepted it and now he has started writing a book!
    Sorry for my English i'm still learning.
    I believe that each of us makes a journey in its own right but everyone finds a solution for itself, a way to go on living.
    The love of life we ​​all share.
    Thank you for your story 

    February 20
    • Sam_Scope
      Hi Ika, thanks so much for your kind comments. I have never heard of chemical sensitivity, it would be really interesting if you could start a post about it. Yuo can do that here -

      Thanks, Sam
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  • PonyAxeS
    Sam, can I send you an email, I am at Simon
    January 12
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  • mossycow
    I think this is you! Great to talk to you this morning about community champions.  I have emailed you with my details. 
    January 4
  • Francesca1994
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      Hi Francesca, can I help? Sam