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Sadly I am employed full time and you'd have to be in my geographical area (Salford) for that to be an option. I also couldn't take other paid work without permission from my employer and in any event would not accept money as a point of principle as I believe advice for people who are on a fixed, low or no income should always be free. However, if you're currently in the UK and feel able to specify whereabouts I could point you in the direction of whatever advice resources are in that area but you shouldn't read that as a recommendation as I have no way of being able to comment on the quality of advice. Your points 2) and 3) are key to this. At the point you initially notified DWP they cannot just stop your benefit. They have to find grounds to supersede and there were none as entitlement could have continued. Effectively they erred in law. However, if you then claimed Latvian benefits before DWP ceased your entitlement then they would have grounds to supersede at that point. The question is then whether that is what they actually did. If it is then they fixed what was broken and there may be little you can do. However, if they actually just implemented their original decision to end at 12 weeks in complete ignorance of your decision to claim Latvian benefits then the only decision in existence is the original one and you can look at opening that up.


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  • wendy1966
    Mike can i retract a reconcideration notice
    March 18
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  • kass
    Hello I was getting SDP and it stoped I was told by you it should carry on for 3 month after partner moves in but I was also told it is not right I don't get it for a further 3 month I don't know if it's right or wrong 

    Thank You 
    February 12
  • sleepy1
    Mike many thanks for all your advice. 

    With regards to the conversation I had with DWP about them sending a copy of the HCP report, that was exactly what I was told.  I always write notes after phone calls now.  Not much else to do anyway apart from sleep where I have a disturbing but a much more interesting life.

    Thought it was odd that a DM would be allowed to consult with the HCP and direct them to change what is supposed to be an independent  assessment.  My paranoia of the whole fiasco I think was justified given past events.

    Just wish I had the energy to do more.

    ATB Rosie

    February 1
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