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    Mentioning someone in a discussion (do so by putting an @ before the user name) is a great way to encourage dialog and let them know who you’re talking to.
    February 19
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    February 12
  • mandyqks
    Dear Sleepy1 As I read your narrative I had a good chuckle...I'm glad to see you won't let the BLESSED get you down! :) Yeah... I'm quite convinced there's something like a Soul Group of nasty individuals that pop up world wide, doing what they see as 'investigative' type work and they seem to have no conscience. They just love the power they've been given possibly for the first time in their lives. It's an unimaginably soul destroying job getting your medical state out there, when you're genuinly ill for it to be believed! And then for you to read blatant lies written by assessors, well it's just the last thing you need.  Some of them do more than twist facts. I recently read something written by an ASSESSOR that sounded nothing like what actually happened during assessment! But how can you not keep fighting? The alternative is impossible to live with. And so we pick ourselves up, brush the lies & untruths off and get back to proving ourselves. I really wonder what is the criteria required to become one of their assessors?
    It's my fervent wish that the system they currently use, gets turned on its head, to discover that empathy and kindness does not distort an accurate assessment. For sure, there are work shy people out there. Are they really going to go to the extent that most of us have been required to prove our disability? Surely, most of us have a medical history going way back? So thanks for your dark humour. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :) And I wish you all the very best :)
    February 11
  • SusiQ

    Good Heavens.....people get BADGES for these rants lol

    This must be the equivalent of "Blue Peter on Benefits"!  I shall have to keep posting - I might get free entry to Alton Towers :o)

    January 26
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    January 17
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    January 10
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    January 10