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  • dafflover
    Hi Wildlife. Thanks for your advice. Have already had a conversation with a decion maker on a call back but wasn't helpful at all. When he asked me how my disability affects my daily life and I told him all the things that I find difficult he just said we can't take those things into consideration well, why bother asking me ??? They just won't change their decisions so will have to let the tribunal see if they agree or not.
    May 25
  • johnny100
    I know there is no use you giving me the centre where your PIP took place,I was trying to get it passed through the forum in case anyone else had the same assessor at the same time as yourself
    March 29
    • wildlife
      Hi johnny100. My assessment was in Salisbury. I would very much like to hear from anyone assessed in Salisbury around Jan to March this year..
    • SeanRyan
      Oo, Look at you with all your badges, Well done its great to pass on knowledge to others. I love coming on here and chatting to others in the same boat as me and worse just a few words of encouragement in the day has a huge effect on so many people.
  • mssissippi1952
    Hi,wildlife have you any advice of what I should ask my doctor to write in a letter 
    thank you
    April 20
    • wildlife
      Hi@mssissippi1952, Sorry have only just found this message. You may have already asked your Doctor but if you haven't if you ask for a letter to support your benefit claim the Doctor will no doubt ask one of the surgery staff to do it and he/she will just sign it. They are used to doing this and will use information from your medical history so you won't have to say what you want them to put in the letter. I did all my claim without a Doctor's letter. You can ask your surgery for a copy of your complete medical history to be printed off along with any letters they have from Specialists. It's all on computer. Our surgery has a scheme where you can register to have access to your own medical record which is useful as it includes test results which you can copy and paste and print off yourself at home if you have a computer and a printer. Hope that helps.
    • mssissippi1952
      Thank you wildlife,i went to my doctors earlier this week.i asked for a letter and she is giving me one I don't know what she will put in,I pointed out I wasn't one for going to the doctors and so wouldn't have massive,evidence.she looked at the assessors,award and scribbled some notes down,I'm not sure whether to go to the tribunal yet,but before I do,my appointment for,pain management and mental side should be through.thank you for your support I appreciate it
    • wildlife
      @mssissippi1952, Glad I could help. Yes GP's are used to doing these letters. It's a good idea to collect any new records or reports from appointments as you go along so when your claim is reviewed next time you have it ready. Have you had your MR? If so don't miss the deadline to apply for your Appeal, you only have a month from your MR decision. If you need more time to get evidence apply anyway and tell them the evidence will follow. If you do this make sure you get a date that this has to in by. If you can't face Appealing you can ring DWP even after your MR decision and ask for a call back from a Decision Maker to talk about why you disagree with your award. They may offer to look at it again if you write a letter and send in more evidence or offer to do that and ask them to look at it again. Back to evidence.This can be letters from family and friends as well but this is not as strong as medical evidence. Or you could think about having private appointments with a Physio, councillor or anyone medical and they will do a report for you if you don't like going to the Doctor's.
      Another option to Appeal is to accept what you've got so far if anything and just keep going to appointments and tests till you've got more evidence or your condition gets worse and you can increase your benefit later on. That's what I'm doing to save the stress of the Tribunal itself. You need to bear in mind there's a risk of losing what you've got or not having it increased at Tribunal so think carefully about what's right for you. You will need strong medical evidence to win an Appeal. Good Luck....
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