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Hi everyone,

The community has two categories at the moment which are about specific conditions/impairments:

Physical impairments and cerebral palsy
Learning difficulties and autism

We set these up when we created the community because many people asked quite specific questions about those things, and we wanted a space for people to do that.

Scope believes in the social model - which means that we're more concerned about the issues people face than their diagnosis. We don't want to label anyone! However, we know that sometimes only people who have personal experience of a condition can answer a question or share a relevant experience.

We realise that by having just two categories, we exclude many people who might want to ask questions about other conditions. We've had a few comments from people asking why we don't have a category for their condition.

So we're considering gradually introducing some more categories, so instead we'd have something more like:

·         Cerebral palsy
·         Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), including Asperger’s Syndrome
·         Learning difficulties
·         Visual impairments
·         Hearing impairments
·         Invisible impairments

This site if for you - so I'd really like to know what you think (good or bad!) about making these changes. Let me know below, or you can email me at



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