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Really need your help please desperate

traceyetraceye Posts: 2Member Listener
Hello my name is Tracey , I am currently on sick and have been since July 2017 i did try to return to work last November and lasted until end of January 2018 and have been on sick since, i am still awaiting  treatment for PTSD due to two different traumas am on medication  that make me sleepy all day but does not appera to be treating my mental health . my sick pay from work has now ended and i have just applied for PIP as financially i am worried to death any help advice would be very much appreciated and welcomed  . I am wanting to work but no i can not return to the NHS as a physiotherapy assistant due to my ongoing mental health i really want and need to work but dont think anyone will help . Thank you for your time 

Kind regards



  • VictoriadVictoriad Posts: 681Member Chatterbox
    Hello @traceye
    OK hello and welcome.

    First of all are you in a union?
    If so ask their advice about a phased return to work.

    If you are not in a union then I suggest you confide to your GP, your workplace manager and the pay office that you would like a referral to an Occupational Therapist with a view to a phased return to work.

    By all means apply for PiP as it’s a daily living allowance and also useful as a bridge while you get back to work on a phased return basis with the full support of an Occupational Therapist who will liaise with your GP, psychiatric services( if involved )and your employer.

    Take care

  • VictoriadVictoriad Posts: 681Member Chatterbox
    Hello again @traceye ;
    If you feel that you cannot return to the same occupation within the NHS try and apply for redeployment elsewhere in another department or another role within the NHS.

    Again this requires the support of an Occupational Therapist and your GP plus your workplace as it would be a shame to lose someone with your skill set.

  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Posts: 4,586Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @traceye

    Though I understand that you want to work, you also say you are unable to work and your medication makes you tired and sleepy all day, so you are in a really difficult situation.

    You could look at ESA benefits as well as PIP, try the benefits calculator and you could also speak to our Support to Work team.
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